Inside the heads of potted plants

By:  Diane Benjamin

The following emails were obtained under the Freedom of Information Act – not by me, they were just forwarded to me.

Below is City Manager David Hales’ salary for 2014:


176,439.00  11,449.32      26,254.12       9,812.37   5,700.00        229,654.81 20


Hales is due for an evaluation every January.  He is the only employee of the Council.  Renner sent an evaluation to the Council, not everybody filled it out and returned it.

Alderman Schmidt doesn’t think the 3 aldermen who didn’t return the evaluations should be allowed to participate in discussions of Hales’ performance as City Manager.  Maybe she knows Lower and Stearns will never vote to pay him more and therefore wants to marginalize them.


Renner then forwards the evaluations to ONLY the people who filled them out.


Then we find out Alderman Fruin never got it!  Renner then forwards the evaluations to the entire Council.


k33Aldermen Sage and Schmidt can’t wait to give Hales another raise, but they have to schedule a vote first.






About this time the “racist” police comment fiasco occurred.  Poor David still hasn’t gotten his review and raise, not because the potted plants think he doesn’t deserve it.  The Renner rant and censure got in the way, then the citizen summit and budget.



Do Sage and Schmidt believe Hales will leave without another raise?  He won’t, he isn’t vested in his pension yet.

Expect something right after the election.  The spending stack on hold until after April 7th is growing and growing and growing.

Downtown hotel, increasing garbage fees, Redeveloping Sugar Creek Packing property, lighting downtown, new budget, Zoo and History Museum improvements since the State put a hold on funding, . . . . .









3 thoughts on “Inside the heads of potted plants

  1. OVER PAID, and I seriously mean that!
    If anything reduce his salary by 50% and hope he leaves before he is vested. Great for the taxpayers of Bloomington if he would leave in the short and long term.

    Surely there must be some HR policy regarding how reviews are done, then again the king wants to reign and set the rules.


  2. I am curious as to why the other two aldermen did not complete the evaluation. Have they commented about this? He is grossly overpaid as well as inept and I am quite certain he will get a raise despite his performance.


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