Ask the Bloomington Candidates this:

By:  Diane Benjamin

Which is more important

1)  Fixing Roads

2) Downtown Bloomington

The current budget proposal spends more on Coliseum upgrades than it does on roads.  Did you notice the budget discussion has been dropped until after the election?

Why are roads not the priority?  Do you prefer spending tax dollars on new lighting downtown, the Sugar Creek Packing property, expanding the library, and Coliseum upgrades or fixing roads?

Evidently the City has a long-term plan for road repairs.  You get to keep driving on ones like this until the Motor Fuel Tax the Council passed last year can fix them.  The other taxes you pay are earmarked for growing government, they can’t be used for roads.


This pic could be about anywhere in Bloomington, but it’s Bunn Street.

Renner’s picks for Council believe like he does – downtown is Bloomington’s future.  Have you heard Aldermen Painter and Hauman ask why the Coliseum gets more money than roads?  Has Amelia Buragas made roads a priority?

Maybe it’s time for citizens on the Council instead of rubber stamp potted plants.

Lupe Diaz, Jeremy Kelly, and Alton Franklin have the same priorities you do.

Vote early now or on election day April 7th.




One thought on “Ask the Bloomington Candidates this:

  1. Renner was on WJBC yesterday pitching for his “move the agenda forward” candidates. I just laughed out loud. I don’t know what streets he is driving on. Patches everywhere you drive and holes as well.

    Also what is it with not putting up stop signs at Lincoln and Bunn that the residents have to pitch a fit. Some of the dumb other places this city slaps up a stop signs behoves me. I swear who ever decides this down at city hall must be idiots. That also goes for signal light timing controlled by the city.


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