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By:  Diane Benjamin

When Steve Rasmussen was hired as a Hales Assistant, taxpayers paid to move him here from Missouri:

WHEATON WORLD WIDE MOV 3,975.89 $ Relocation charges for Deputy City Manager Steve Rasmussen


Now Bloomington has hired a new City Clerk.  This time will taxpayers pay for her move from Nevada?  Probably.

In case you missed it, her salary will be $82,500 before benefits.

One other note, former police officer Scott Oglesby has been cleared again – this time by the Appellate Court.  The City has wasted a boatload of money fighting the arbitrator’s ruling 5 years ago that cleared him.  I wonder if anybody has any sense this time or if they plan to appeal again.  Source:


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    1. Evidently no former positions in same city as Hales although, why am I still suspicious? On a good note the bird cage liner notes that she had previously worked in mental health which should provide her with some background experience in working with the child like rants from an immature mayor. Troublesome though that coming from a much smaller city she starts out at $82K per year as Covert retired at $85. Surely a prudent (if we had one) process should have hired her for $70K or less.

  1. Is this a new position or who is she replacing? I can’t believe they are paying moving expenses. That is a very good perk that most companies did away with years ago.

  2. Why would someone take a pay cut to move here as a City Clerk? I believe I saw in the bird cage liner where she took a pay cut. Then she resigns without being approved here. Not that any potted plant would object. She probably got her moving expenses covered too. Fewer private employers pay for that anymore.

    Oh I’m sure the fools will appeal the ruling on the officer. Don’t they always since it isn’t their money being spent for lawyers and legal fees. The officer will likely win too. Looks like the city manager and two assistants will have to find the money to cover for that one. Maybe a sticker tax on tricycles and bikes to cover for that. That wouldn’t surprise me.

    1. Why would anyone move here at all? Higher taxes and fees, less freedom, less liberty. Out of touch clueless liberal freak progressives run the show.

      1. Couldn’t have said it better. Except in the case of the mayor and at least 2 of the Council members, would replace “Liberal” with “Marxist”.

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