Right to Work heats up

By:  Diane Benjamin

Get the facts on Right to Work.  The unions will be in Lexington next Monday.  They will win unless the Council has a spine, they will need your help.



Below is what the a union sent to their members:

Brothers and Sisters,

I’m sure that you know by now that Bruce Rauner is barnstorming the state pushing his “right to work” zones and saying that this would create growth in the communities that choose this path. The only growth this would create would be the growth of Cayman Island bank accounts like the ones he and his cronies have. When Rauner mentions advocating for the taxpayers of Illinois, he is not talking about you and I; he really means the tax avoiders like himself.

Show Rauner that RTW is wrong for Illinois. Let’s not become complacent and say it can’t happen here. I’m sure they said that in Wisconsin and Michigan too!

The City of Lexington will be the first in McLean County to consider an attack on your wages — we need you and your family at the City Council meeting, 329 W. Main Street, 7:30 p.m. this Monday, April 13.



3 thoughts on “Right to Work heats up

  1. But the union heads continue to support Obama which is just as much or more guilty than Rauner would ever be. No mention during presidential campaigns of the enormous mis-use of taxpayer funds when their candidates steal through taxes and fees. The unions are mostly a bunch of whining hypocrites!

  2. I love how saving taxpayer money is considered a war on the middle class. Most taxes are paid by the middle class. The unions’ attempts to raise taxes instead of cutting vastly outsized compensation is the real war on the middle class.

  3. Much of the piece above looks like one could remove Rauner’s name and insert Obama’s name. Little difference, yet the union heads will continue to support Obama and company.

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