How convenient! Vote to raise fees AFTER the election!

By:  Diane Benjamin

Side note – By a vote of 7-2 the potted plants voted to buy the Sugar Creek Packing Co property.  Of course it was 7 – 2.  Independent thought isn’t in play when Renner and Hales want something.  The discussion bordered on fraud since Hales played the non-compliance card.  He claims parking for the Police Station and City Hall doesn’t comply with City ordinances.  David, since when do existing properties have to comply with new ordinances?  Is that why you started your own court?  Are you going to prosecute grandfathered property owners now?  

Watch the Council meeting video if you want to see Hales, Renner, and the potted plants spin their decision.  Alderwoman Stearns got audience applause for her stand against buying it.  

Now taxpayers get to pay for demolition and re-building from the vast money the City has at their disposal – your wallet.

Question:  Why does the Solid Waste Enterprise fund have to break even, but the Coliseum Enterprise Fund doesn’t?

( Page 148

Congrats Bloomington!  Your city administration has no clue what they are doing, other than devising ways to take more money from you.  Remember when they floated the plan to charge by the number of people living in the house?  That plan is gone, but they still don’t have a plan that doesn’t gouge citizens.  (Why is Administration made up of people not from here, not familiar with the City, and not familiar with past policies?  We import their baggage and pay them handsomely for it?  Brilliant!)

Even better, the Council tabled the discussion until April 13th!  Funny how that’s after the April 7th election.  The potted plants on the ballot don’t have to vote to raise your garbage fees until after the election.  If they want to charge you for branches that fall from City trees – you won’t know until after the election!

Alderman Kevin Lower takes the brains prize – he stated the obvious:  Why does the Solid Waste Enterprise Fund have to break even?

It’s not a law, an ordinance, or anything but an attempt by the City to get more of your money.

That thought was way beyond David Sage.  He stated we have to raise costs or decrease service.  He probably had one too many taxpayer-funded lunches with David Hales.  Sage has forgotten he used to be a conservative.  Too bad he doesn’t have an opponent in this election.  You get him for another 4 years!

Alderwoman Stearns added that we should hear from the City employees.  Sounds like your new highly paid Assistant City Manager never thought of that!  Watch the Public comment at the 7:00 Council meeting – some City employees showed up to say as much.  More common sense that is way beyond administration.

So, watch for this:  The election will take place April 7th.  On April 13th Mayor Renner will threaten to veto the budget is garbage fees aren’t raised.  The potted plants will comply – the vote will be 7-2.

Watch the work session here – Discussion of solid waste:


Watch the following Council meeting here:


Don’t rely on the corrupt media for your information.

 Watch it yourself!





2 thoughts on “How convenient! Vote to raise fees AFTER the election!

  1. On the bird cage paper’s website this evening.

    “The city now will be able to have serious discussions with community partners, including the nearby Bloomington-Normal YMCA, about ways to develop the area, said Renner.”

    Yip, I had a hunch this was coming down the pipeline. I bet they are looking to stick on another tax someplace.


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