How convenient! Vote to raise fees AFTER the election!

By:  Diane Benjamin Side note – By a vote of 7-2 the potted plants voted to buy the Sugar Creek Packing Co property.  Of course it was 7 – 2.  Independent thought isn’t in play when Renner and Hales want something.  The discussion bordered on fraud since Hales played the non-compliance card.  He claims parking […]

Crony potted plants

By:  Diane Benjamin I wrote yesterday about the Council voting to hand their power over to David Hales: Dining at taxpayer expense with Renner and Hales makes it easy to be immaterial.  (  SEVEN people aren’t on the Council to represent their Wards.  They think the job is to rubber stamp whatever is brought […]

Covering for David Hales

by:  Diane Benjamin The pieces are falling into place.  Last year Alderwoman Stearns filed an Open Meetings Act violation against the City of Bloomington for discussions that took place in Executive Session – those secret meetings citizens aren’t suppose to know about.  To be fair, there are some things that must be discussed secretly, but […]

You want the potted plants to make a decision Tari?

by:  Diane Benjamin From an article in today’s Pantagraph – Professor Mayor Tari Renner: You do attend the Council meeting Tari, right?  Have you noticed that any Council member who questions what is presented is vilified, or at least cut off?  Did you notice the empty pots vote for whatever they are told to vote […]

Pantagraph: It’s not about Starcom!

by: Diane Benjamin Since Mayor Renner completely controls the Pantagraph, today a Starcom story appeared.  In case you forgot, Mayor Renner viciously attacked Alderwoman Stearns Monday night for even suggesting the program should be looked at. The Pantagraph did a nice job covering for the City, no mention of interviewing Alderman Lower about his comments […]

Fly on the Wall: Coliseum-how stupid do you think we are?

The Flex Basketball team at the Coliseum got thrown out of the league they play in.  The excuse used was “unwillingness and inability to participate in the championship series.” REALLY? Who’s scamming who here?  City of Bloomington?  Central Illinois Arena Management?  John Butler?  Bart Rogers? First CIAM wants an amateur hockey team, and now no […]

It’s David Hales’ fault!

by:  Diane Benjamin Add to the title:  And the Aldermen who voted to give him another contract and a big raise! Of course, you don’t know which ones did because they also voted to NOT release the minutes of Executive (Secret) meetings where they do the evaluations.  Think the 7 potted plants.  Same thing happened to […]