Pantagraph: It’s not about Starcom!

by: Diane Benjamin

Since Mayor Renner completely controls the Pantagraph, today a Starcom story appeared.  In case you forgot, Mayor Renner viciously attacked Alderwoman Stearns Monday night for even suggesting the program should be looked at. The Pantagraph did a nice job covering for the City, no mention of interviewing Alderman Lower about his comments Monday or any mention of talking to Alderwoman Stearns.

Did Renner write the story for you Pantagraph?

The Pantagraph is totally missing the real story.  Renner wanted tax increases without cuts and he got them.  Alderwoman Stearns presented a list of items for discussion that she felt could be cut.  Alderman Lower worked with her to compile the list.  Renner pounced on Starcom as a way to avoid any discussion about the cuts.  The Pantagraph and other media sources played along with his game.  Renner has NOT been held accountable by the media for reading his prepared attack.  Renner obviously plotted in advance to attack Stearns, he just waited until he had his tax increases.  Anybody getting news from the Pantagraph is totally unaware that the “heated argument” wasn’t even close to an accurate description.  Any credible news source would be questioning Renner’s ability to remain Mayor, he is obviously unstable.

Two members of the Council tried to save Bloomington from massive spending increases and THREE new taxes.  The rest of the Council didn’t care.  The one Alderman who was the most vocal was viciously attacked in open session by the sitting Mayor.  The Pantagraph has continued the attack.  If you are a resident of Bloomington, please email both and thank them.  I’m sure they feel alienated since the other Council members did not come to their defense and the media has marginalized them.  Evidently the potted plants really like to spend and tax – just like the Mayor.

Kevin Lower email:  [email protected]

Judy Stearns email:  [email protected]





2 thoughts on “Pantagraph: It’s not about Starcom!

  1. The local newspaper is a joke. Readership is way down, the building is for sale or lease or whatever. Do they miss the facts? Yes they miss. But more definitive is that they ignore the facts due to big business ownership pursuing a destructive agenda for the remaining liberties and freedoms of the general public (including their own ignorant selves.) It’s all about controlling the masses through the useful idiots that will shill for them, including but not limited to local media and the politically brain dead potted plants.

  2. You’ve got that right mudd! Even the so called “conservative” Lee Newcom made me about vomit this morning listening to his morning program on Cities 92.9. He threw Judy Stearns under the bus, calling her a troublemaker. Since Robert Reece left and Lee Newcom took his place we have no Conservative morning program. My wife and I have not heard one program that Newcom has done that we like. He calls himself a Conservative but he is the saddest excuse for a Conservative that we have ever heard. His program is so mamsy-pamsy, limp wristed and lukewarm that we can no long tolerate hearing it, so after his Renner worship this morning we have decided to no longer listen to this covert liberal garbage claiming to be conservative. I do not understand Newcom’s love-fest for Renner unless it’s the good buddies that they are because they sat on the county board together. My wife and I have a good friend that knows Lee and she says he is a Christian but she agrees that his program has become very lukewarm for a Conservative program. If Mr. Newcom knows the Bible maybe he should read what the Lord says about lukewarm Christians in Revelation 3:15-16, “I know thy works, that thou art neither cold nor hot: I would thou wert cold or hot. So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spue (vomit) thee out of my mouth.” Well, maybe I’m not the only one that is getting sick of hearing Lee’s program.

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