Finally some data – Part 2

By:  Diane Benjamin

See Part 1 here:

The below is from data posted on the City of Bloomington website by the Finance Department.

From Page 9:

Sewer and Storm water fees will be your next tax increase.  You could get a garbage increase too.


A summary of Sewer and Storm Water operations is on Page 60.

A summary of Solid waste Operations is on Page 61.

A summary of Golf Operations is on Page 62.  Page 63 has a summary for each course.

Keep in mind:

Enterprise Funds do a good job of recapping some elements of City operations.  They also do a good job of pushing tax increases for items formerly funded with taxes citizens already pay.  Funds are created to show the need for more revenue in that fund.

Also, very little is included in this report about the Coliseum (also an Enterprise Fund).  John Butler and crew left quickly when they decided to not renew their management agreement.  Current information from VenuWorks is on the City site – nothing is posted from CIAM’s management since 4/30/15.  That leaves an entire year without data.

This footnote is included on page 10:  (click to enlarge)


They are working on it.

There might be Part 3, there might not.  Busy day!


6 thoughts on “Finally some data – Part 2

  1. Expect more flooding because there is a low fund balance in the Storm Water Fund therefore no capital improvements budgeted. Remember where the Storm Water Fund balance was transferred to?


      1. Storm Water–think of all the repair and maintenance of those retention and detention ponds in neighborhoods in the city that have been put on hold. Especially the ones not built properly or maintained by the developers which the City now owns.


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