These are Republicans?

By:  Diane Benjamin

The McLean County Board voted for the original Solid Waste plan without the Scritchlow Amendment.  The vote was 10-8 meaning 5 Republicans voted with the Democrats.

I hear Don Cavallini takes winters off for warmer weather, that at least is the rumor.  Board Chair John McIntyre didn’t vote.  The crossed out R’s voted with the Democrats.

The discussion was quite long.  Basically it revolved around nobody is forcing anybody to recycle, this is just a plan.   The opposition made it clear that plans have a way of becoming mandates when people don’t bend to the will of whoever is behind the plan.

All of this is really silly.  There is no reason Bloomington or Normal can’t pass mandatory recycling even without this plan.  Bloomington CHOSE not to include large apartment buildings in their recycling plan.  I don’t know what Normal did.

It is now very clear that an “R” means nothing to these 5 so-called Republicans.  Some of them we already knew about.  I appreciate them clarifying that they ran in the wrong party.

The vote video is below.



6 thoughts on “These are Republicans?

  1. Sad day in McLean county when A “democrat” can pose as a progressive REPUBLICAN! At least SOME folks on the board have a BRAIN! Thanks Ryan!


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