(Not Pepsi) Ice Center profit

By:  Diane Benjamin

I filed a FOIA request for the profit and loss at the Ice Center.  Note – it isn’t “Pepsi” anymore because they chose not to renew the sponsorship almost two years ago:    https://blnnews.com/2018/01/10/quit-calling-it-the-pepsi-ice-center/

The Ice Center did show Revenues of $990,556.60 and Expenses of $853,498.89 for a profit of $137,057.71.

This is the only government plan that shows a profit!

This profit does not include the $50,000 Pepsi had previously paid every year.

See the FOIA request response:   Pepsi Ice Center FY 2017 Revenues and Expenditure Report

(the City is still calling it Pepsi)

I also filed a FOIA for the current naming rights contract, that was before David Sage got an answer to my question at his Town Hall.  I received this response:

How many years will it take?


4 thoughts on “(Not Pepsi) Ice Center profit

  1. What about getting an area business to buy them at $10k per year? $20k? It’s obvious corporations don’t want to invest in naming something associated with the GMA. Perhaps they should have made a package deal with GM to name both. I agree that Pepsi should not get free advertising. Why pay for something they get for free for years?

  2. Does the expenses include the cost of construction of the facility? Just asking because the city in the past has tried to show the collesium making a profit but they don’t include what the taxpayers are paying for the building

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