(Not Pepsi) Ice Center profit

By:  Diane Benjamin

I filed a FOIA request for the profit and loss at the Ice Center.  Note – it isn’t “Pepsi” anymore because they chose not to renew the sponsorship almost two years ago:    https://blnnews.com/2018/01/10/quit-calling-it-the-pepsi-ice-center/

The Ice Center did show Revenues of $990,556.60 and Expenses of $853,498.89 for a profit of $137,057.71.

This is the only government plan that shows a profit!

This profit does not include the $50,000 Pepsi had previously paid every year.

See the FOIA request response:   Pepsi Ice Center FY 2017 Revenues and Expenditure Report

(the City is still calling it Pepsi)

I also filed a FOIA for the current naming rights contract, that was before David Sage got an answer to my question at his Town Hall.  I received this response:

How many years will it take?




  1. What about getting an area business to buy them at $10k per year? $20k? It’s obvious corporations don’t want to invest in naming something associated with the GMA. Perhaps they should have made a package deal with GM to name both. I agree that Pepsi should not get free advertising. Why pay for something they get for free for years?


  2. Bob werkman says:

    Does the expenses include the cost of construction of the facility? Just asking because the city in the past has tried to show the collesium making a profit but they don’t include what the taxpayers are paying for the building


  3. Kudos to Joe, rink manager, for ALL that he does in scheduling EVERYTHING @ ice center.


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