ISU is hiring: Head Divider

By: Diane Benjamin

These “theoretical frameworks” teach:

  • skin color morally taints you
  • whites have sinned against all minorities
  • history is racist
  • the country’s founding was illegitimate
  • punctuality is white culture
  • established norms attack minorities
  • the county is fundamentally racist

This is toxic training against civil society and completely absurd on it’s face. It explains much of what is happened in America now. These teachings increase racial tension, judging people based on their character is now officially immaterial.

I wonder if President Dietz can explain how this doesn’t violate the Civil Rights Act of 1964 that makes it illegal for those receiving federal funds to discriminate based on race, sex, religion, and national origin.

President Dietz replaced a black man, was that racist Larry? (Sorry, there was a short term white guy between them)

If you are a white male as ISU you are pre-judged at guilty. White women are only slightly less guilty.

On September 22, 2020 President Trump outlawed these teaching in all Federal agencies. You can read his Executive Order here:

Please read the entire document, below are just a few excerpts.

Education is obviously not what kids at ISU are getting.






9 thoughts on “ISU is hiring: Head Divider

  1. This has zero to do with race. Equality of outcome has always been the marxist carrot on the stick. The problem is getting smarter, more ambitious, more creative hard-working people WITH the money to hand it over without a fight to the “equality judges” to distribute or utilize as they — in their higher moral wisdom — see fit. So I suppose Larry Dietz and his fellow communists believe that they’ve got big comfy chairs at the politburo table to gobble up the spoils. It’s no wonder that old Larry and creepy former-FBI Tari are inseparable comrades.

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    1. It is hard for me to imagine this job being filled by a white MAN?

      Outcomes in a free technologically based society are based on:

      Hard work

      The speed of the technological revolution that is changing our world at an exponential rate is leaving many behind.

      The nerds that we used to make fun of are becoming Tech Billionaires almost overnight. Yet we have the gilded university administrations (currently being disrupted) trying to artificially level the playing field for people who WILL not be successful in any future private business field. It all seems like a dying wish from a hopelessly antiquated mind.

      Encouraging separation and rebellion from white society (who built the modern world) is not going to end well.

      So shut up and get to work or you WILL be left behind.

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  2. “Theoritical Frameworks” sounds like a BLM mantra! Or something that Jenn would preach to us after she learned of it at the local HEAD shop (is that racist?)

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  3. Maybe ISU should change their name to Illinois Social Justice University. ISJU. And adopt a new mascot: Pepe the Frog.

    Oh wait, that would cause them to piddle their shorts.

    How about this for a mascot: a gender neutral, pansexual handicapped person of color holding their fist high in the air.

    Oh wait, that would be able-biased. And probably size biased.

    Oh hell, I give up.

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  4. Just to clarify, not saying I agree with it – at all, but this isn’t a campus-wide job. It’s only for the College of Education. We already have one for the whole university…

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