Anything to win: Fazzini

By: Diane Benjamin

A reader sent me the ad below. It’s really funny since Rob is running as a Democrat – check your ballot. How can Fazz run on the Democrat ticket and claim he wants to make the office “not party affiliated”? It’s hilarious to see candidates unwilling to admit they are democrats!

In case you forgot, Rob isn’t known for making smart deals. As a former banker he should have known better than to loan $50,000 to Normal Professional Baseball. (A previous Cornbelters organization). He lost more than $35,000 when the corporation went bankrupt. In another brilliant move he sued them anyway. Ever heard the saying “you can’t get blood from a turnip”?

The Auditor position should be independent but there is an easier way than relying on Fazzini to turn in his Democrat Card. Vote for the Libertarian – Kevin Woodard.

No I haven’t turned into a libertarian. This is just a case of the other candidates are really bad.

6 thoughts on “Anything to win: Fazzini

  1. The stupidity of Rob Fazzini has astounded me for many years, but this bring it to a whole new level. Remember his plan to turn city garbage into jet fuel?

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  2. Heaven help us if Fazzini wins. How do we avoid splitting the Republican votes between Michelle and Kevin, and watching Fazzini sail in to the seat with all the Marxist Democrat votes?

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    1. We have to court Democrats who don’t like Rob and split his votes as well. So tell any Democrats you may be friends with why they shouldn’t vote for Rob.

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