UPDATE: Heard about the guy charged with 32 molestation charges?

h/t a reader

Also in the video:

Jenn Carrillo

By: Diane Benjamin

h/t a reader

See one story here: https://hoiabc.com/2020/09/29/grand-jury-indicts-bloomington-man-on-32-child-molestation-charges/?fbclid=IwAR1pafw6ONtSyM0S3A9AEaCVwjNHIz-WtDTzbzwTdWicjYkXtj27D4Oo7SU#.X3R6sTYfjAY.facebook

The guys name is Mercedez Byrd, he also had cocaine in his pocket when he was arrested.

His Facebook page has numerous videos, in one he is asking for names of people who need bailed out so they are home for Juneteenth.

This video is also from his page, no sound required to see what’s in the background, you have to hit play though:

Mercedez Byrd has some Facebook friends you know: Tari Renner, Jenn Carrillo, Jeff Crabill, Kelby Cumpston (Ward 7 candidate) and activist Sonny Garcia. I think Kelby is in the video, but Byrd pans pretty fast. I don’t see any comments on their Facebook pages about Byrd’s arrest. Black Lives Matter Blono hasn’t commented either.

Still want NO CASH Bail guys?

Going to bail him out?

You guys can’t even denounce an alleged pedophile?







13 thoughts on “UPDATE: Heard about the guy charged with 32 molestation charges?

  1. mercedes, naw he is more an edsel, google it, wonder what his FB friends will do to raise that million+ $ in bail 💰. If convicted edsel needs to be put away for a long, long, long time

  2. He’s at Friendship Park? Ya know what I’m sayin’? C’mon down here and get educated. If any molestion convictions, dud can’t be hanin’ in a park.

  3. No because they are in favor of it.

    Their presidential candidate just said last night in the debate that Antifa was just an idea.
    He couldn’t put the words Law and Order together and say he supports them.

    We have a news media that calls rioting, looting and arson, Peaceful Protests.
    And California leftists just past a law decriminalizing certain types of pedophilia.

    If you are going to vote for any of these communists in the upcoming elections you are one or more of the following:

    A Democratic Leader

  4. Jenn: I understand you support no bail and have participated in past initiates to bail out individuals who are awaiting trial. I’d like to know if you will be bailing out Mercedez or would call upon others to bail out of Mercedez?

  5. Looks like he’s NOT sure about the hat, as it STILL has the tag on it so he can return it for a portion of his bail money!!
    THESE are exactly the kind of SCUM that Jenn AND Jeff want parading around on the streets and calling them “upstanding citizens” Well guess what, there’s an OLD saying
    When you’re with someone at 7pm, you USUALLY wind up in bed with them at midnight, and that goes for ALL the aforementioned.
    LIke to hear mr Renners side on THIS one!! Along with ALL of mr mercedez “friends” …

  6. yes, I still want cash bail abolished. Then this guy would have just been remanded. Why should they get any bail at all?

  7. Lock him up. Get a conviction. Protect our kids. Disgusting that any person would call for no cash bail. If you are not a parent, your opinion means nothing. Let’s get the word out on this guy and find out if there are additional victims.

  8. So, you would rather him have the chance to get out on bail, as opposed to just being remanded to jail? How does that make any sense?

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