ISU bias is astounding!

By: Diane Benjamin

I really wanted to take the afternoon off, but then a reader sent me this:

ISU must believe “people of color” all lean left.

This virtual discussion is being conducted by one of the local leaders of Black Lives Matter: Olivia Butts.

On the panel are 3 local women who range from left to off the cliff left:

It gets worse. This panel will try to educate students about local politics:

Is the real reason for this event to recruit more local activists who likely won’t be living here long term?

ISU couldn’t find a single person to participate who wasn’t far left of center?

This never ending indoctrination of students will not end until the money dries up! Quit buying season tickets, attending games, and donating to the annual money grab!

Does this school represents your values?

If no, quit funding them!

8 thoughts on “ISU bias is astounding!

  1. Meh, sadly this will probably not be any worse than the indoctrination they get on a daily basis in the classroom.

  2. Anyone can set up a virtual meeting/discussion on ZOOM. Ms. Butts’ didn’t like that her comments were discredited by the other members of the panel at the Human Relations Commission meeting held at the BCPA last month. She wants a re-do. Now, she has recruited her pals to participate in a biased discussion led by her, rather than a neutral moderator as was done at the HRC meeting. Google “Critical Race Theory” if you want a taste of what will be presented.

  3. So when the Royal Fortress gets creamed in November by Dan Brady does that mean Dan Brady and all his voters are guilty of widespread systemic racism in McLean and Livingston counties?

    White privilege, Dan?

  4. Great, Cummings is the Carrillo of Normal. If Cummings beats out Brady, we are really screwed! I am irritated ISU is sponsoring this one-sided foolishness.

  5. Political leftism has been part and parcel of ISU some the sixties but people have short memories and it wasn’t as in your face as it is now. Practically every week I walked through the quad in the seventies someone had a bullhorn protesting something. Back then, most of the students just laughed at it because they were more concerned with graduating, the next kegger or going to basketball games. Now, kids are so indoctrinated and outraged by every little insult or if someone wants to meet for lunch different from them, they lose their minds. The ultra- radicals feel the time will never be better to stoke the street revolution they have long been hoping for. It’s a page out of Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge. Professors at IWU are just as bad, if not worse.

  6. University, the only place where the real world unemployable over-schooled under-educated narcissist low iq folks can go and have their ego fluffed by children and peers instead of being laughed at and ridiculed by sane normal folk with common sense

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