Normal Monday spending

By:  Diane Benjamin


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Plans and spending to replace the library continue:

(If your income was down, would you continue with plans to build a new luxury house just because you want it?)

Apparently Normal is sending 4 people to DC for One Voice – $1600 each.  These are partial payments unless Normal got a discount.  The trip is March 8th.

In the past there was some joint purpose for the trip,  So far nothing is listed on the EDC website:

Traveling to DC instead of telling legislators they want a meeting here is ridiculous.

Spiked pension expense:

More entertaining themselves and redistribution of your money:

This is the event Normal wants to quit funding:


3 thoughts on “Normal Monday spending

  1. As our economy spirals downward our leadership is clueless and detached from reality. Once again, I encourage everyone to go to the link I am providing here from inside State Farm concerning the upcoming layoffs. Yes their comments in these various posts like, “list your house now before the Blono housing collapse” – there are new posts and new comments all the time now as things heat up. Our good neighbor has turned into a ruthless mean spirited employer who will apparently use legal, barely legal and illegal means to eliminate large numbers of their workers. Read it – save the link and look at it tomorrow and the next day. What lies within it is not pretty but we all need to see it. It is what our media and our leadership is not telling us. It is what we all need to know – the end of Bloomington-Normal as we know it is approaching at supersonic speeds.
    Shame on our leadership – they are silent and making no preparations – they only find new ways to spend money that should be saved for the coming economic crisis.


      1. Right – Run for office? Tired comments? Cutting and Pasting? So attempting to alert a propagandized citizenry to the reality that will soon befall our community are tired comments? FYI – I never cut and paste any of my comments into present comments. Run for office here? Are you kidding me? Go to Galesburg or Decatur if you want to see what this town will soon become. Who in their right mind would want to be in a leadership role in an area that is in a massive economic decline? My pen has been for all of my life, my change agent. Truth and knowledge is the true change agent. It appears that you have a problem with both? Unexpected and unannounced layoffs have already taken place today at State Farm: or do we need to wait for the Pantagraph or WGLT to report on them (never)?

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