Normal’s (Funny)Business Tuesday

By:  Diane Benjamin Tuesday night the Normal Council will accept the audited financial statements.  Once again, required disclosures are not included  See page 82: The Government Accounting Standards Board issued a statement in June of 2015 requiring the disclosure of future liabilities for post-employment benefits (healthcare).  Since the financial statements being released are as […]

I couldn’t decide . . .

By:  Diane Benjamin I couldn’t decide which story to do, so I’m throwing THREE into one story. 1) Are employees fleeing?  THREE Manager openings at once! 2) This one is funny!  The Title in the printed version of the Pantagraph was “Visitors center a strain on museum” The on-line version got changed: “Museum […]

Gov. Rauner is SERIOUS!

By:  Diane Benjamin The local bird-cage liner just posted a list of projects put on hold by the Rauner administration – including monkeys at the zoo and new restrooms at the Museum of History.  I wonder if Bloomington will want to pay since all their hopes and dreams depend on the Route 66 Visitors Center […]