Gov. Rauner is SERIOUS!

By:  Diane Benjamin

The local bird-cage liner just posted a list of projects put on hold by the Rauner administration – including monkeys at the zoo and new restrooms at the Museum of History.  I wonder if Bloomington will want to pay since all their hopes and dreams depend on the Route 66 Visitors Center located in the Museum.  Considering candidate Hauman thinks 80,000 people a year will make the trip downtown, I wouldn’t be surprised.  The City of Bloomington is still waiting for their Brady grants money too.

Make sure you read the comments, a few are clueless.  One comment says municipalities need to spend money because it’s cheaper now with so many people out of work.  (I thought the recession was over!)  There is a law in Illinois that union labor must be used for all government projects, Illinois even has a website listing the prevailing wage which must be followed.  Facts matter little buddy.

Read the whole list here:

The days of political payoffs and funding wants instead of needs appear to be over.  Maybe cutting all this non-essential spending will provide money for roads.  It was previously spent to buy votes.

It is really sad that Illinois may be starting on the path to fiscal responsibility while Renner and Koos plunging both cities into bankruptcy and out of control taxes!  April 7th doesn’t matter in Normal because only Koos appointees are running.  Bloomington can be saved – only if voters bother to show up.

Where did local governments ever get the idea they could plan for how the State spends money?  Politicians believe they have such great ideas (with no money), but the State should pay because they want them to?

Rauner wiped out $1.8 Million in non-essential spending, hopefully for good.  Maybe the people who want these projects should pay themselves.  The public money tree died years ago.

I’m waiting for the Pantagraph editorial saying Rauner is destroying the state.  Stay tuned.




6 thoughts on “Gov. Rauner is SERIOUS!

  1. Go Rauner.

    I’m waiting to hear the fallout on the education funding reduction. The University presidents are presently whining (without cheese) to the legislature.

    Maybe they should look into portable potties. I doubt 80,000 visitors, maybe 80 and dropping.

    1. Yeah, no kidding, WTF?! I work at ISU, and yes the cuts would definitely hurt. However, raising taxes is certainly not the answer. There’s plenty of administrative bloat here at ISU, and way, waaaaaayyyyy more down the road to the East.

  2. I’ve got a mouse and a delete button. Leftist Kennedy, or whatever name he wants to use, will never post another comment on this site. He is the only person I’ve ever banned, I don’t have time to deal with people who aren’t capable of independent thought or having a conversation. He can also quit writing, I don’t even read the comments by him anymore.

    1. I was wondering what happened to the little troll (emphasis on little, and no disrespect to real trolls intended).

      In all seriousness though, I find people like him…disturbing. To hear them tell it, the very notion of constraining or limiting government in any way, shape, or form would make the oceans boil right off the planet. To people like him, the idea of saying that government has no function in this or that activity is nothing short of heresy!

      The sad part is he isn’t alone. Everywhere you go (especially in Illinois), there are hoards of these intellectually neutered weasels spewing nonsense devoid of facts, logic, or reason in defense of eternally failed ideas and policies.

      I only wish I could sit comfortably in the spectators gallery and laugh at them all day, but I can’t.

      Irrespective of which level of government we are focusing on, it’s monopoly on coercion and violence more or less forces me to contribute to idiotic schemes as innocuous as a bike path, or as devastating as a thermonuclear war. The only question one should ever ask themselves when considering the wisdom of government spending a single penny of your money is ‘How does this expenditure promote Justice?”. The promotion of Justice is governments ONLY legitimate function. Period! If all I had to do was give up one large hot mocha from McDonalds a year to do that, I would have nothing to complain about.

      Everything else is up to you. Your income, your food, your insurance, your housing, your children’s education, et cetera., et cetera. .As long as you can attain those things without initiating violence upon another, who am I to complain? Absent some form of injustice, who are YOU to complain?

      (For some reason, I can imagine Mr. Kennedy’s head just violently exploding as he read that)

      I personally believe that people like Mr. Kennedy have capitulated and fully accepted the notion that they are fools and/or idiots. After all, only a fool lets a thief take their money and accepts lies told to them with nauseating regularity – the idiot in them lets them do it again tomorrow.

      They say to themselves “If I have to submit to this well, by God, you’re going to damn well submit to it too!”, so they go about their day blathering platitudes issued by the state and glorifying its scared existence, and will bray like the jackasses they are that you’re some sort of a jihadist looking to end civilization as we know it should you disagree with the smallest morsel of it’s lunacy (smFh).

      To which I can only respond, “You’re damn right I am!”

      Good riddance! He was unimaginative, sophomoric, a serial plagiarist, and boring to boot. Life is too damned short to suffer fools who dine scrumptiously at the kiddie table of ideas.

      Thanks for playing Mr. Kennedy. Say hello to Mama’s Ban-Hammer…lulz

      1. I’d only change one thing. Government’s job is protect freedom and liberty, justice sounds like government’s job is make everybody equal.

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