Pantagraph: Seriously?

By:  Diane Benjamin

Headline to an article in today’s bird cage liner:  More people working in Central Illinois . . .

Evidently math is NOT required for journalists, sorry, people who call themselves journalists.  Maybe they just typed in the wrong numbers.  We are all used to their “Corrections” page.

Here’s their report:

91,533 people are working now out of 96,789

Last year:

92,696 people are working now out of 99,312

I think a second grader can tell that last years total working is bigger than this year’s number!  Intent to deceive?

It will be even less soon when the people laid off from Country Financial hit the unemployment roles.

I love when leftist refuse to face reality and blame the decrease of people looking for work on retirements.  Of course nobody else ever enters the workforce, State Farm isn’t transferring people out, and the population of Illinois isn’t decreasing due to people fed up with this state’s destructive policies.

I don’t blame you Pantagraph, admitting you and your leftisits are failures is tough.

Give it a shot.

Another hint:  Fewer people looking for work because they left Illinois WILL make the unemployment rate look better!  It doesn’t mean jobs are available.


6 thoughts on “Pantagraph: Seriously?

  1. as a person who travels all over Illinois and surrounding states for my job I have seen so many small businesses that have closed or reduced staff, I have also talked with many places that have let go more and more support staff such as maintenance people. yes you will see many now hiring signs but most are for part time no benefit type jobs. they give us all these fancy number but the evidence I see says other wise.

  2. 94.5% is larger than 93.3%, but they don’t teach percentages until fourth grade, so I suppose that’s a valid excuse. Even adding in the cuts at Country, it would still be a larger percent.

  3. Yip I see Country Financial is cutting employees.

    I did some searching and found this on their CIO.
    “Risch plans to relocate to Bloomington-Normal, IL with her spouse, Catherine.”

    Some may agree with this but I know I am dumping their insurance. We don’t have to support this kind of crap. I wonder how other policy holders feel about this?

  4. I also saw where the bird droppings newspaper is deleting people’s postings again. None of which I feel deserved that from what I read early this morning. Now they are gone.

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