Just precious Tari

By:  Diane Benjamin

Remember that almost $1 Trillion stimulus plan for shovel ready infrastructure jobs that weren’t so shovel ready?  Remember how your Motor Fuel Tax dollars aren’t being spent on roads, instead billions have been diverted to high-speed rail that isn’t so high-speed?

The below is included in the packet for next Monday’s City Council meeting.  Tari, last year the City borrowed $10,000,000 for roads, it fixed a few.  Last year you forced a .04 a gallon Motor Fuel Tax on the citizens.  In the 2016 budget the ONLY money you are spending on infrastructure is money generated by this Motor Fuel Tax.  You are “standing up for transportation”?

I thought partisan politics has no place on the City Council Tari.  How about telling us where this came form?

Here’s the truth – this has nothing to do with transportation, as in improving roads.  It’s all about PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION.  See this link:  http://voicesforpublictransit.org/

Whether you ride or not, public transportation benefits all of us. It reduces pollution, eases traffic congestion, and helps our communities thrive. In cities, suburbs, and rural America, public transit provides vital connections to jobs, education, medical care, and our larger communities. Help us keep America moving.

We’ve all seen this game before Tari – government attempting to control our behavior.  We’ve seen the fake economic activity claims before too.  We already know that government taking our money for your deemed essential projects is nothing more than theft and redistribution of our wealth.

Another link:  http://www.standup4transportation.org/contentform.aspx?page=WhosInvolved

No surprise – most of the supporters are government, even though the first link claims citizens are behind it.  That link even has a “Community Organizing” tab.  (If we can just get you out of your car . . . . .)

Does this mean more money for local public transportation is going to come up AFTER THE ELECTION Tari?  It all sounds great, until taxpayers get the bill.


8 thoughts on “Just precious Tari

  1. Public transportation another waste of taxpayer monies. I cannot imagine the amount of money being spent for buses, fuel, staff, buildings, etc. I say it should all be privatized. Need a ride call a cab, use Uber. Of course we will never see this happen.


  2. I’m a little lost here…? Diane, do you have any proof or evidence that the mayor is somehow going to use the MFT for public transportation? If the full amount is budgeted, what is being spent on anything outside of it? Did I read your article incorrectly, or are you just guessing?


      1. Very professional reply, Diane. But a proclamation is nothing. And it’s just proclaiming a day. If the mayor signs a proclamation for Stand Up For Walking Day, does that mean he is going to spend money on building new paths and sidewalks? I’m asking you to provide me the proof, evidence, hard facts that show the mayor is trying to spend money on building public transportation. I don’t see anything here but a guess.


      2. I’ll take that to mean you admit you are simply guessing. You might guess correctly, but at this point it’s still a guess since you have no facts or evidence. That’s all I wanted to confirm. Thank you.


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