Here comes the Public Housing! UPDATE


Peter Levavi

Sr. Vice President at Brinshore Development

Greater Chicago Area
Real Estate


Development of Master Planned communities through public private partnership

Specialties:Public housing redevelopment, mixed income development, master planning

By:  Diane Benjamin

Another lesson in how screwed up our country is:

The City of Bloomington has 100+ year old sewers.  Quality of Life spending has taken priority over essential services for so long that there is no money to replace all the crumbling infrastructure.

So, who has money?  The Federal government,  who is now over $18 trillion in debt.  Some how they still find money to fund local projects.  They ship money out under a program called Community Development Block Grants (CDBG).  Monday night the Bloomington City Council will approve applying for this years grant, just like every other year.

See page 132 (pdf page number, the actual pages aren’t numbered)

Infrastructure and Public Facilities $ 287,000.00 Sewer/water upgrades on N. Catherine. Will allow for the new construction of a fully accessible rental property by Brinshore Development and service hook-up for low and moderate income households on the block.

So who is Brinshore?  The same Chicago group that bought 26 local properties with a State grant funded by the Federal Government:

To recap:  Affordable Housing can’t be achieved without funding from the Federal Government so a Chicago Developer can build here.

If the project was anything more than redistribution of wealth, the private sector would have jumped on it by now.  Will the rent be subsidized?  How many units are they planning to build?  Who is going to live there?  Have the neighbors been informed?  Does the City care what they think?

Don’t ask, it’s free money.




10 thoughts on “Here comes the Public Housing! UPDATE

      1. Actually the revised public housing in Chicago provides nicer units…and the current housing status on the west side of bloomington is horrible thanks to the slum lords who own most of the rental properties that rent to the poor and do nothing with it but collect “our” money. I would rather newer improved units.


      2. How long are they going to stay nice? The history of public housing shows if you didn’t work for it you don’t respect it. Government damages the ability of people to respect themselves when they can get freebies without working for them. Does you have kids? If parents do everything for them (cleaning, wash, homework, etc) they turn into non-functioning adults. That’s human nature, not dependent on age.


      3. That’s not true. I know people who have nice homes in public housing. Everyone is not raised as wild animals. You are generalizing and prejudging. There are brand new public housing units built in Normal that look like houses and they have remained kept up for at least 10 yrs. with families from the same area as the projects. So I don’t agree. But I will say those who work hard for something respect it, but just cause you live in public housing doesn’t not mean you lack those same hard working qualities and those people deserve affordable housing.


  1. Rampant homelessness is a symptom of a poorly functioning economy, the middle and upper class saving money instead of investing or donating, high levels of welfare dependance, and dislocations caused by interference in free markets… which are results of an over reaching, over spending, over taxing government. Once everything is dependent on government, nothing can be taken away without push back… before people just worked harder to provide for themselves. I hope our economy can still support people who want to work hard, not just people who don’t want to work.


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