Bloomington payments for 1/13/2020

By:  Diane Benjamin

No bills were approved at the last council meeting since it was held off-schedule for the holidays.   Monday night $14,244,476.43 is up for approval.

As always, there was extensive travel.  A lot of it is in the PCard spending, see PDF page 271 and following.

2020 starts where previous years left off – more pension spiking:

slbb jan2020

Legal is still sent to Springfield, forget Buy Local:

spring legal 2020

More than 4 pages of Amazon purchases, forget Buy Local – see PDF page 241

Amazon pdf 241 5 pages

Pantagraph scored:

pant 1 2020pant 2 2020pant 3 2020

How much did the downtown Christmas lights cost?

christ lights

Bloomington paid dues to the Chamber of Commerce too, Normal only paid $2,325:

MCC 1-2020

Normal paid $50,000, see link above:

mchs 2020

If the event report ever gets posted:

bcpa art 12-2019

This is listed as a rental so there may never be an event report:

ncpa rent 2019

A report is available for the 4 Tenors show, where is the food on the report?

bcba 4 tenors

7 thoughts on “Bloomington payments for 1/13/2020

  1. Who thinks it is a good idea to advertise in the Pantagraph? Almost know one. The Pantagraph expenses are the price the establishment must pay to have the paper actively support their agenda while ignoring the real news. Isn’t it just wonderful that the taxpayers must pay for the socialist city leadership’s propaganda outlet. Yes, your taxes are going to support an insane narrative while hiding the truth from you.

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    1. 100%. Advertising in the Pantagraph (and other print media) is a huge waste of money. Social media, if done correctly, is lower in cost and can be much more effective in reaching potential customers. Of course, this has nothing to do with running a sound marketing strategy and/or growing the BCPA. Rather, it’s to keep funding the sinking ship that is the Pantagraph, as they toe the line for Tari and his cronies while attacking anyone that dare question the Crown.

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  2. There are several questions raised in the above column. Governments, private entities, as well as non-profit enterprises are ripe for an outside audit. There seems to be a pattern to this circle of spending that has spiraled far out of control. I have witnessed this pattern in our State government. Two of our governors went to Federal prisons. There was never any trickle down to local levels. The Feds got what they wanted and walked away, leaving the lesser evils to be dealt with by the Illinois Attorney General’s Office.

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      1. Diane you are preaching to the choir. I had personal dealings with the Illinois AG Office a while back. Lisa Madigan was in office at the time.
        The Prairie State stinks from the State Capital to School Boards.

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