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Downtown Bloomington yesterday in front of the vacant Commerce Bank.


11 thoughts on “Sent by a Reader:

  1. Need a plate number. Make, model, color, and TRIM LEVEL (important) very definitely favored by Federal and State government officials. Could be interesting……”Deep State” or Pritzger’s boys coordinating with local Antifa elements.


      1. ” Gov vehicle would be spotless”. Of course! Our tax dollars at work!

        But after running through a few of Tari’s potholes, even their rides might look a little scruffy.

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  2. Sure got nice roads down there in the downtown place. I bet the Mayor’s Corvette would look good in that picture. I really can’t complain…. we got some piles of hot patch the other day on Hershey in some of the worst holes. People were smashing the piles of hot patch with their car wheels in selfless acts for the greater good. Yes, with hot patch flying in all directions, smashing into wheel wells and onto the sides of unpaid for SUVs, the people of Bloomington try to do their part to keep our roads from becoming rutted bombed out cow paths in some third world country. Hot patch smashers of Bloomington…. you rock!

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  3. At one time there was a tunnel between the People’s Bank and the old Pantagraph building.
    Is there still a walk-in vault or two in that old bank ?


    1. Uhhh huh, look closley at each photo and notice location of the front tire and the rear tire. Notice that funny looking little whit DASH mark in between them? It is supposed to be at the rear of the REAR tire Or in front of the FRONT tire. Or put another way, this idiot took up TWO parking spots. He would have taken up more but two was all there was to begin with. Now does this help YOU?

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