Only 422 pages

By:  Diane Benjamin

That’s how long the packet for Monday’s Council meeting is.  Ever get the idea David Hales doesn’t expect the packet to be read?  Kind of like:  “We have to pass the bill to find out what’s in it.”  I think the packet was posted on Thursday.  See it here:

What’s up for discussion?  Of course another consultant.  This time for the fire stations.  (But don’t mention that multi-million dollar one on the west side that has never been used, and leaks like a sieve)

The others need renovated, maybe even adding a workout space!  All this for the low low cost of $16 Million.

I love this quote on page 403:

Firefighter Wellness Program
44% of firefighter fatalities were due to cardiovascular disease, according to CDC data from 1995-2004
Sounds awful, but how many firefighters died?  5 or 5000?  Is 44% 2 or 2200?
That might make a big difference on whether taxpayers want to pay for a “Wellness Program”.

Also on the agenda:

$50,000 added to the budget that doesn’t balance for the McLean County Museum of History!  See page 322.
A Pantagraph Letter to the Editor this week, written by the Director of Marketing and Community Relations at the Museum stated that since the Route 66 Visitor’s Center opened in April 8400 people have visited!
What happened to the estimated 20,000 per year that kept going higher, I think it even got to 60,000 per year at one point!
Keep in mind, that 8400 includes local residents who just wanted to see what it was.

Needs before Wants

is meaningless when everything is a need.

Maybe more tomorrow, maybe not.




5 thoughts on “Only 422 pages

  1. So that ridiculous route 66 museum “gift shop” is bringing in an additional 40 people per day on average, wow.

  2. The consultant to develop the “Fire Department Master Plan” was hired in 2014. That Fire Station on Six Points Road was a result of Mr. Snyder’s grand scheme to develop the southern edge of the City. The 239 page “Bring It On Bloomington” reports the City invested $10M+ for Snyder’s Fox Creek area development with only a $1M return. I wonder what the response time is for Pepper Ridge and the Fox Creek area. More than 8 minutes?

    It would be cheaper to provide the firemen with a membership to Four Seasons than to build workout space in each fire station.

    The cost of personnel (salary, IMRF pension & SLBB, etc.), printing, paper and binding for these Council meeting reports must be staggering. I wonder how many copies have to be distributed.

    In the Consent Agenda, there is also a resolution authorizing a change order adding $40,000.00+ of expenses.

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