I couldn’t decide . . .

By:  Diane Benjamin

I couldn’t decide which story to do, so I’m throwing THREE into one story.


Are employees fleeing?  THREE Manager openings at once!  http://www.mcleancochamber.org/chamber/job-openings


This one is funny!  The Title in the printed version of the Pantagraph was “Visitors center a strain on museum”

The on-line version got changed:  http://www.pantagraph.com/news/national/government-and-politics/museum-seeks-help-for-route-center/article_97cecedb-3e91-5734-8da3-246c1fa238d6.html

“Museum seeks help for Route 66 center”

The on-line version has one additional line that evidently wouldn’t fit in the printed version.  It’s vital to the story!  Beth Wisman (Executive Director) stated that admission fees to the museum aren’t a major revenue source.  (Yes, you and I are thinking the same thing:  Seriously?)  The print version pretty much ends there.  The on-line version has Wisman explaining “that’s why they work with memberships, grants, and community partnerships”.

Changes the meaning?  Absolutely!

The story explains (although the writer didn’t mean to) the difference between government and private business.  Traffic is way up, but it’s hurting the museum’s bottom line.  Yes, I consider the museum “government” since tax dollars flow to them even though they are a non-profit with no business skills.  The new gift shop isn’t covering expenses.  They estimated the cost wrong, so more tax money is needed!  Bloomington complied last Monday.  The Bloomington-Normal Area Convention and Visitors Bureau will be kicking money in too.  Of course, their money comes from government – meaning you.


The manager of the Central Illinois Regional Airport earns a gross salary of $172,365 dollars a year.  The manager of the Peoria airport earns:





Both guys have the same last name:  Olson.

Both salaries were obtained by FOIA.

Bloomington has Allegiant, American, and Delta.

Peoria has Allegiant, Delta, American and United.

Peoria flies to 11 cities.  They just added Charlotte.

Bloomington flies to 7 cities.

Bloomington has no disclosures on their website until I mentioned the law.

Peoria has no disclosures on their website – they will work on it.

Anybody see a problem?



2 thoughts on “I couldn’t decide . . .

  1. Is this a case of “library” Koos, “history museum” Koos and “mayor” Koos? It seems like a serious epidemic in McLean County.


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