Stand for your Right SUNDAY

Update:  Guns Save Lives will be participating:

By:  Diane Benjamin

We have a GOD-given RIGHT to protect ourselves.  That RIGHT is enshrined in the Constitution.

Sunday 1:30 in front of the BCPA in Bloomington:

Stand up for your 2nd Amendment RIGHT.

Bring signs and flags.  The rally should last until 3:00

I will be there – look forward to meeting you!

The event is listed on Facebook – details here:


8 thoughts on “Stand for your Right SUNDAY

  1. And to which “well regulated militia” do you belong? Think the framers envisioned automatic rifles? Plus…I’m an atheist. So I don’t think God gave you the right to anything.


    1. Rich…Please do move to South Africa where they’re not only atheist, but are now confiscating all property owned by Caucasians! Our rights were given to us by the founders, (Christians), in order for degenerates like you to have free speech. STFU and realize that you live in the most free Country that God has given the Earth.


    1. Truly God is doing a bang up job Rich, considering how messed up human kind is. It’s amazing that there is any sanity left at all. Glad that you can for once give credit for where credit is due.

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  2. I’m glad that I’m moving to Indiana in April. The state of Illinois and Bloomington/Normal are going down the toilet.


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