Supporting Downtown Neighborhoods +

By:  Diane Benjamin

With the change to twice yearly bulk waste pickup, areas around downtown now look like this:

The owner could call the City for pickup and pay $25 per bucket, or they can wait to be tagged by the City.  The tagged mess still won’t be picked up immediately because the City is giving them time to dispose of it at the drop off location if they chose.

Meanwhile, the neighborhood looks like a ghetto for weeks.  How many rats and mice will move into the new curb digs?

Housing values are falling, this downtown neighborhood likely even faster than the rest of town.

State Farm gave another 300 employees an ultimatum.  Relocate or you are out of job this Friday.

Instead of reality, the City is trying to make downtown walkable.  If you need to go downtown, be careful in Front of the Law and Justice Center.  Evidently cars aren’t allowed in that stretch as a test.

I wonder if buses are still allowed or if their transfer stop got moved somewhere?

Connect Transit did just change the routes again.  They claim the changes are revenue neutral (insert your own joke):

Add Bike Blono attempting to “humanize” bikers.  Progressives are constantly pushing people to accept things that make no sense.  Thinking humans KNOW putting bikes in tiny lanes next to cars traveling much faster is STUPID.  They can keep pretending Complete Streets policy gives them the “right” to be just like cars (without following the same rules).  Unless the citizens get to the point where they can’t afford cars and everybody has to bike, the rarely used bike lanes and the few people who do use them will never justify the cost for taxpayers.

Priorities in Bloomington are as screwed up as the State of Illinois.  The blue wave isn’t coming, we already know what party has no common sense and lies about solutions.

The City needs to clean up the town immediately, bill the homeowners.  Obviously news of the changes did not get to the people.  The bill may be hard to collect, but leaving the City looking like a junk pile can not be an option.  Eventually the new policies will filter down to the people who need to know.  Bills will do that, or course it may cause more people to vote early next year in local elections!

Getting far fewer services while paying more might just work.

17 thoughts on “Supporting Downtown Neighborhoods +

  1. As a long time resident, I am really saddened to see this and see what has happened to our nice little towns. The elites and so-called progressives will not be happy until we look like Decatur. Looks like we are already starting to look like Decatur. Murders – robberies – trash on the streets – homeless people all over downtown… this is not the area I moved to in 1970.

    1. Obviously Decatur’s City Manager needs hired. Lots of people witnessed the last shootings, I hear they won’t talk to police. They are ENSLAVING themselves to violence, it will only get worse.

  2. The change to Solid Waste pickup was to close the $1.2M “gap” in the budget. If the $25 charges can’t be collected, where will the savings be?

  3. YEP! We’re leaving solid waste laying all over the place TRYING to close a budget gap, and REMIND me again where Tari is?
    Wonder WHAT the trip will cost this time?
    I see more and more of this, and it’s NOT going to stop. Wasn’t those nice “spiffy” new garbage & recycle bins SUPPOSED to save us a bundle?
    YEP, they’re doing a GREAT job of running our city (into the ground)..

      1. People like Rich believe “Trump-Russian collusion” with no evidence after over a year of investigating, but needs “photographic evidence” before he’ll believes the trash is being manually picked up! Like people have nothing better to do than take pictures of Bloomington’s trash collectors…..

  4. Several decades ago, the voters of Bloomington abolished the Mayor-Alderman form of government to a more modern system, that of City Manager-City Council. The City Manager was to run the City under the direction of the City Council. The Mayor was given the duty to vote in case of a tie in the council’s voting. The Mayor was to represent the City at most official events, but was no longer involved in the day-to-day running of the City.
    Now is the time for the City of Bloomington to strongly reinforce the City Manager- City Council method of operation.

    1. @Jim—Renner is doing everything in his power to return to the former style of governing. He also want to get rid of the Ward system to elect Aldermen at-large.

  5. AMEN Jim!
    In Boy Scouts I earned my Citizenship merit badges from Walt Bittner AT city hall. I’d hate to send ANY scout now to the mayor to get ANY kind of advice!!!

  6. Well what did they expect? When you move Chicago to Bloomington you get Chicago. You can move them out of Chicago but you can’t take Chicago out of them. Who was mayor when they changed governing types? Those people would be directly responsible for the demise of Bloomington.

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