Atlanta Library ruling

From the Edgar County Watchdogs:


Bottom line? The Secretary of State declined to make the Library repay the Live and Learn Grant, but it did acknowledge everything we wrote about the grant application and the process surrounding its receipt. Additionally, the Atlanta Public Library District taxpayers saved $200,000 during this process, and we believe the savings were a direct result of complaints sent to the Secretary of State.

The Hearing Officer did not mention Bill Thomas lying under Oath about never writing any checks to himself, and never mentioned that no payments were ever received after the first “lease.”

It appears substantial weight was given to the “gifting” of the building to the Library, which in our opinion was only for the purpose of staying out of trouble.

This Hearing was strictly about the Live and Learn Grant and not about the other issues we have written about.

Read the story for more details.  We aren’t done with the Atlanta Public Library!  Although justice was not done (yet), the taxpayers of Atlanta saved themselves the $200,000 the library was going to pay Bill Thomas for the building he donated.  Without many citizen watchdogs in Atlanta, this wouldn’t have happened.

The story contains a copy of the ruling.









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