News: State Farm Downtown building

By:  Diane Benjamin

H/T a Reader

Rental space is being marketed by a CHAMPAIGN COMPANY.  Still no word on who is in the process of buying the building.  The rent is a lot cheaper than Uptown!  (click to enlarge)

staate Farm downtown bldg

The real estate brokerage company is Guth and Associates.  Their website only lists one broker – Jill Guth.

7 thoughts on “News: State Farm Downtown building

  1. It would be great to see that building utilized rather than abandoned or razed. Hope it all works out.

  2. Channel 25 ran with this Thursday I believe and had a phone interview with Guth. I also believe the unnamed entity that could purchase the building has an option to not do so by July 1 if not enough interest in renting space occurs). Why is this building being offered by a firm in Champaign? Nobody locally would get involved? State Farm tries to claim local interest to Bloomington but it sure seems they put big money elsewhere. $60,000,000 for “State Farm Center at U of I and multiple campuses for business popping up out of state taking the transfer of “higher” positions with them. Not terribly encouraging Tari apparently they are having a problem with seeing your ideas as a good fit.

    1. State Farm has already checked out. Tari and City Hall have no contact and most certainly do not have a positive rapport with State Farm.

  3. Haha! What business is looking for 14k plus square feet in Bloomington?! That’s an extremely minuscule pool of potential candidates. Wonder if Tari is going to use his new economic development department to pay an existing company to relocate to Downtown in the form of a rent subsidy or stipend for renovations.

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