Normal: What Percent is going to Vote?




6 thoughts on “Normal: What Percent is going to Vote?

  1. My wife and I will both vote for the candidates you suggest. Dave Shields stopped by my house I politely told him we had decided on other candidates. Interesting he was campaigning for rc McBride and Kathleen Lorenz too. Hmmm. Lol. I am also sharing your suggested candidates. My independent research came to the same conclusion as you.

  2. Great opportunity for Normalites to thwart the plans by The Powers That Be of grooming rc for the mayor’s chair.

  3. Please People- Vote. Not voting in this election is voting out yourself as not being counted in our community.
    Midterm elections are usually 9.5 to 10 % voter turnout. A few votes can make a difference. You are Important !
    Vote ! In Bloomington there is a choice between Democratic Socialists and community leaders like you and I who care about the community we live in, not Chicago Political Organizations.
    Vote- Donna- Chip- Karen and write in Travis. – City Council Wards 2-4-6-8
    In Normal the one candidate I was impressed by after attending or watching almost all forums was Stan Nord for City Council. Please Vote .

    1. I agree that Stan Nord is the best candidate for Normal Town Council, and I’m glad to see it looks like he has a decent chance of winning. But there are three seats open, and so three votes to cast (although you are allowed to choose less than three). We need more than one fiscal conservative on the council or nothing will change other than bad choices passing 6-1 instead of 7-0.

      I’m obviously biased, but I consider the write-in candidate Karl Sila the best second choice. 🙂 And third, I recommend Karen Smith.

      If you disagree with any of the above options, that’s certainly your choice. There are four other candidates that do have their good points, imo. RC and Dave, however, are not running for Normal town council, they are running for Koosville town council and should be considered accordingly.

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