Bloomington: What Percent Is Going To Vote?

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6 thoughts on “Bloomington: What Percent Is Going To Vote?

  1. Funny thing is that you don’t get to vote in either election. You don’t live in either city….So why are you telling anyone who to vote for?

    1. Some thought on reality for you: Hi, Diane. We winter in Florida with several Canadians in our beach village.  They say you cannot have guns without jumping through many government restrictions. According to them, if anyone breaks into your home (even if they are armed) and you shoot them–you will go to jail. They also talk about how health care is unwieldy. Doctors are rationed by number of procedures/ surgeries and OR time. One man was on a waiting list for knee replacement for 4 years. Another has waited one month for lab report on lung tumors to see if it is malignant. You are not allowed to see a specialist unless your family practice doctor recommends it. If you are out of the country, you have to buy separate insurance for health care.  If you have to go to a hospital for any serious illness, you better get right back to Canada. You now have a preexisting condition which will not be covered if you have to return to hospital. I could go on and on about their socialist woes. Pretty sad–these are responsible, educated, retired people–no reason to lie about this.

      1. Wonder what this has to do with anything. These must be imaginary Canadians. The knee replacement story has been debunked many times. Canadians don’t wait any longer for elective surgery than Americans. The knee surgery canard in Canada is a myth. In America about one third of Americans don’t go to a doctor when sick, and don’t get the recommend care when needed. In America, people struggle to pay medical bills from the preceding year. If you travel internationally with your American insurance, you are probably not covered. So I don’t know what point these imaginary Canadians are trying to make…

        Guns in Canada? Again what does this have to do with anything? Other than registering guns, Canadians have firearms at the same rate as Americans. Not every place in this country do you get to gun down anyone like it’s the wild West. Socialist woes? This seems to be the woes of imaginary Canadians not real Canadians, so I would put too much stock in this tome.

  2. Please be advised there was is a political organizer by the name of Bob Hoyt out of Chicago out canvassing for Jenn Carillo yesterday. One of the organizations she was ” endorsed ” by. Chicago politics do not belong in Bloomington and neither does she. Have to wonder where her money is coming from.
    VOTE Karen Schmidt

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