Morale cratering at State Farm

By:  Diane Benjamin

It’s not hard to find someone at State Farm willing to talk.  The employees have no idea whether they will have a job tomorrow, 3 months from now, or 6 months from now.  I’m told 2018 is going to be worse for downsizing than 2017 was.

Keep your eyes on this site:

Employees can say there what they perceive happening.  Upper management isn’t being transparent, but then as a private company they don’t have to be.  The employees are left to try to piece together what they think is going to happen.

Don’t expect any Pantagraph reporting!

State Farm is the second largest investor in Lee Enterprises – the Pantagraph parent company.  Yesterday the LEE stock price was down to $2.35.


4 thoughts on “Morale cratering at State Farm

  1. State Farm is engaging in active deception. The worst is yet to come. Their business model is under massive attack and they continue to resist any efforts to innovate. I’ll say it again, our local politicians are not addressing this problem, but rather squandering precious monies on frivolous makework projects to appease the friends of government.

  2. I worked onsite as a Solution Architect (consultant) for 6 years. What I said back then was “Bloomington/Normal residents and generations of children will suffer due to the politicians not matching other states bidding prices” Amazing, one year later jobs started moving to Texas, Arizona, Atlanta, etc. I’m not sure if state farm owns the land and corporate buildings. Dumb if they do and will be impossible to get someone to purchase that large of a complex. Maybe each building can be leased or sold incrementally but again who will move their business to IL.

    1. I think they do own the land and buildings in Bloomington. I’m sure the last thing on their mind is finding a buyer or lessee for the buildings and land. When State Farm starts closing buildings or sections of buildings, they will likely just be mothballed or sold for pennies to a liquidator. Sorta the same plan as the post-production Mitsubishi plant.

  3. Oops….I misread the headline as “MORAL Cratering at State Farm”. That happened a few years ago when they became the LARGEST funder of La Raza, now UnidosUS. You know them, that Marxist, illegal alien advocacy group that many Conservatives view as a near terrorist organization. Remember that next time you pay your premium!

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