Crabill’s media is the problem!

By: Diane Benjamin

People who read the law, watched the case, and listened to Constitutional lawyers knew Kyle Rittenhouse would be acquitted. Those who listen to fake media believe the lies they were told.

How can Kyle be a white nationalist/supremist when everyone involved was WHITE. This had nothing to do with race except in the media.

Comments below were posted right after the verdict. Does Crabill’s employer care if he was supposed to be working?

Jeff needs to listen to better media. The prosecution proved they had no case.

Appalling comments from a local elected official and Black Lives Matter Blono, maybe fake news and they will understand when CNN, MSNBC, and others are sued out of existence because of their lies. Nick Sandmann 2.0 is coming.

20 thoughts on “Crabill’s media is the problem!

  1. The amount of slander against this young hero are appalling – not surprised by it based upon those doing the slandering but it is still appalling.

  2. Craybil is so irresponsible and plain wrong. How he got on the city council is a shame for America and our community. He obviously doesn’t know the constitution or laws even though he is to uphold them. I think he is a non white nationalist/supremist.
    God bless America!!!!!! Justice was served today.

  3. Like most SF employees, Crabill is probably “working remotely” at home because of the ” pandemic”. Translated, he spends most of the day running errands, watching TV, and doing little work. That said, SF will defend his actions to the hilt as long as he protects their bottom line through legal gymnastics. The guy is a squirrel that went to an overpriced private liberal arts college where he majored in community hell raising. He probably left Indiana since most people here would have made fun of him and common sense people would have never taken him seriously. Before moving or transferring to Illinois, he pretty much went back and forth between jobs in Indiana and Kentucky not staying at one very long from what I can find. He’s found like minded folks in the social justice movement that gives him a sense of belonging among the social rejects.

  4. Kyle is about to get PAID for every vile description the MSM made of him.

    Crabill probably can’t understand why no one is “taking to streets” as a result of the verdict.

    Kyle is polling 19 points ahead of Joe Biden in favorability and 29 pts ahead of vice president Kamala Harris ! 😂

    As a customer , I feel that Jeff Crabill is way more of a liability to State Farm than Aaron Rogers.

  5. Craybill is an attorney for State Farm. His comments make me cringe. I fear if he were my attorney he would throw my case simply because I am a white male. I am going to shop all my SF policies because of their attorney who has no respect for facts and the courts. Craybill has been a far far left extremist since he was elected and SF seems to have no problem with his antics. Anyone know any non-woke insurance companies?

  6. Imagine attempting to make a hero out of a guy convicted of raping 5 different pre-pubescent boys. I’m done with leftists and their rape apology. Our society really does hate men and boys, don’t they?

    White guy shoots 3 other white guys. Black community most affected. ROFL.

  7. When the black community fixes all the black on black crime especially the murdering of young children in Chicago and what 28 murders of black men and women in Peoria already this year I will no longer pay attention to their issues with the white community until then blm does not exist in my mind.

  8. I am worried for the future of Our community. Crabill ran unopposed. If law respecting people choose not to run for elected office then we give control to people like Crabill. We need to stop blaming Crabill for being an extremist, it is our fault for caring less about running for government control than he did.

  9. Crabill represents my area at one time I thought of running but someone else stood up and ran against him unfortunately he lacked a few days of meetings the residency requirements he was on the ballot but the votes did not count that with the fact that people in my area stayed home and thus let that scumbag crayfish win

  10. The more the neo-socialist democrat/progressives attack the rest of society the larger their opposition reveals itself to be. The next two elections will be an exercise in bug squashing.

  11. Loosing before the election even happens seems to be the M.O. for conservatives. The Republicans had 2 people scratched from the Normal Township ballots last election because of paperwork errors.

  12. Koos, Cummings, and McCarthey are just as liberal as Crabill and they were all re-elected. Either B/N voters really want the Crabill types making governing decisions on their behalf or people still have not been screwed over enough by government yet for them to care

  13. This Crabill bozo is a REAL stooge. Probably got bullied too much as a kid, and thought adopting his pansy political positions would help his chances with women. Hopefully someone else will run and get him out of office next to around.

    Sorry, I should not have assumed gender. What does Crabill identify as?

  14. Once again Crabill only repeats the lefty lunatic narrative proving that he is a mere puppet to his masters.

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