Attention State Farm:

By: Diane Benjamin

The radical local leftists are trying to get a State Farm employee fired. During the Unit 5 School Board meeting they claim he gave the Nazi hand gesture, he didn’t. He merely raised his hand that he was guilty of not wearing his mask.

If State Farm complies with the demands of the clowns playing cancel culture I will cancel all my insurance with State Farm. I will also encourage my readers to do the same.

Enough of bowing to idiots who think they have a right to control others thoughts and actions by beating them into submission!

Below is just one of their Calls to Action. State Farm needs to take names of anyone who contacts them and put them on a list of people to never hire. These bozos aren’t informed enough to know the Nazi salute is an open hand, obviously his hand isn’t open.

28 thoughts on “Attention State Farm:

  1. I am disappointed the BN NAACP is pushing this obviously false narrative of racism. This is going to cause a lot of people to question the NAACP’s motives.

    If State Farm fires this guy yet they have kept Craybill, who wants to defund the police, employed without issue, then SF will end up having to deal with some negative PR damage control.

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  2. I will do the same, and I have been with them for nearly 50 years. I have been noticing changes that I do not like much anyway and have been considering it for a while – something like this would help hasten that decision. Giving in to arrogant, mean spirited, and ignorant people like the ones who wrote that letter is truly pathetic. Their threatening tone is also a bit disturbing.

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  3. ROFL!!!! They’re worried about black lives and then they name the whitest black man to ever live, Shaun King. HAHAHAHAH!!!!!!! Holy shit, what a moron!!! HAHAHAHA!! There’s a reason that guy has nicknames like Talcum X.

    Seriously, though, is this not the exact definition of a Karen? They piss and moan about “Oh, there’s a white Karen trying to tell on someone again!!” But when it’s their turn, boy howdy, it’s time to fire up the hysterics and put the outrage machine into overdrive. Even if he did what is being alleged, is that not protected under the First Amendment? Is Shanell really advocating for censorship by the government? The authoritarians sure like to act like they are the supreme deciders of what’s right and wrong. Shanell, you don’t get to pick what’s free speech and what isn’t. Ever. If that’s what you want to do, go live in Cuba, China, or Russia. But you can’t do that tyrannical shit here. I hate to have to be the one to tell them this, but the reason your Justin saw a Nazi salute is because you taught him to see that. I’ve seen pictures of Black Panthers making a similar type hand gesture. Is Shanell going to go full Karen on the Black Panthers? Somehow, I doubt it.

    Oh how much better off we would be if people could just learn TO MIND THEIR OWN DAMN BUSINESS AND WORRY ABOUT THEIR OWN SHIT FOR A CHANGE…

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  4. I feel for this man, Mr. Stayon. My family endured the entire summer last year of being labeled racist due to an incident in our neighborhood and the BPD. He has come out and stated what he did, how it was interpreted and how that is wrong. He even apologized that others interpreted it this way. For total strangers to now target his employer which I am sure now also impacts his wife and kids is just terrible. People really have no clue what a Nazi is anymore. The term has been so bastardized by the left, that anyone that disagrees is now a Nazi. My God! What is this town coming to.

    I am appalled at what is happening at these school board meetings and hope that parents wake up and demand to see, hear, and know what curriculum is actually being taught. I have at least 3 years before my boys go to school and pray that this all goes away by the time they go to school. If not, we may have to look at private or home school.

    I am sure Mr. Strayon is confident in knowing that his actions were just what they were, him acknowledging that he didn’t have his mask on, put it on, and raised his hand to say, yes it was me, please continue. I am also sure that this now weighs on him, his wife, and his kids. He has probably had to have some difficult conversations with his boss or HR. I know I did last year. People start to look and treat you differently. Your neighbors no longer wave or talk to your kids. Even though you know you are right, know you did nothing wrong, and even more so know that legally you did nothing wrong, you are now seen as a villain. If the rolls were reversed, there would be protests in the streets, cars would be burned, stores would be looted.

    I would hope that State Farm does nothing since this is a giant nothing burger. But in today’s climate, you never know. However, if they fire him, then a very large and loud protest to fire Craybill should ensue.

    Mr. Stayon if you are reading this. Know that there are those of us out here that have your back. We know what you are going through. Stay strong. Hold your head high and live your life.

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    1. As a school parent in BN you have absolutely nowhere to turn unless you home school. U-High is more radical in their teaching than District 87 and Unit Five combined while Central Catholic even has teachers that believe in this same stuff on top of charging you college prices to attend. Seeing where this has gone should surprise no one. Out-of-town Chicagoans attending school at ISU and IWU who get a local job and bring their liberal politics along for the ride, get teaching degrees and get a job here, run for school boards and win, become your child’s high school counselor, is a lesbian and becomes your daughter’s softball coach or p.e. teacher, is black and female and openly disses the white student body, is an avowed communist and teaches history and civics. What goes around, comes around.


    2. I too have been ostracized by a couple neighbors since I placed a “Back the Blue ” sign in my front yard. I get a laugh out of it. Couldn’t care less about what the left thinks of me. Dang, want to “cancel” me, whatever the h_ll that’s good for, go ahead if it makes anyone on the left happy .


    1. And now what happens in school when the teacher asks a question in the classroom?
      1. No white kids can raise their hands because it will be considered a Nazi symbol.
      2. Nobody raises their hand because there is no correct answer. It depends on your “lived experience”.
      3. It is offensive to ask students question because that presumes hard work which is a white privileged social standard.

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  5. What happens when you reject the presumption of innocence?

    What happens when you dehumanize the individual to being a member of a group and then justify violence against the that group to eradicate it?

    What happens when you reject a higher power and place yourself in the position of god to judge group of people?

    What happens when you presume all whites are racists or white supremacist’s?

    Some historical examples of where seeing the world through a “group oppression” lens led to disaster.
    1917 – Lenin’s Russia
    1933 – Nazi Germany
    1949 – Mao’s China
    1953 – Vietnam
    1953 – Cuban Revolution
    1970 – Cambodia – Khmer Rouge
    1994 – Rwanda genocide
    2009 – the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka – genocide
    Now – North Korea
    Now – China

    Yes this is an extreme example – but apparently there are people and organizations in our community today that are pushing us in this direction.

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  6. SF is the poster child for political correctness. Has been since the 1970’s. Ask anyone that has not been hired or not promoted because of Affirmative Action. Replacing Jake Stone with a black guy for their advertisements, Gay people and transgenders can walk around the building openly flaunting their sexuality without getting called on the carpet. I know a woman that went out to the parking lot daily to drink alcohol in her car and her bosses knew it. Not only kept her job but got promoted. High level management flunking courses and still getting raises and on and on. Then there is Crabill making a public spectacle of himself. The guy who is the topic of this story will at least get hauled into the office and reprimanded. Bet on it.


    1. Glad I retired early, in 2010. You could begin to see subtle changes starting. Then when the fool Tipsford took over as CEO, it all accelerated, everything towards the left (from what friends I had who were still working told me).


  7. Remember there is always two sides to a story. Some people don’t care about the other side, they want their side right no matter what. He raised his hand to acknowledge that he did what was asked. I think its stupid you still have to wear the mask on school property but that’s how they can control you unfortunately. His employer or business life should not be brought into this. This is what happens when some people have too much time on their hands and don’t care who they hurt as long as they can succeed in any way possible.

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  8. In related news, first VP of local NAACP, Carla Campbell-Jackson files discrimination lawsuit against State Farm. You can’t make this stuff up.


  9. And just WHO is this TURNER idiot? She sounds like she has NOTHING better to do then call foul at every chance she gets. How about we find WHERE she works and refuse to do business with that establishment? But I don’t go to McDonalds anyway. This is just pure “reaching” BS.

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  10. It’s interesting sometimes; the old saying, give someone a long enough rope and they’ll hang themselves. It’s nice this naacp fool spouts off like he did. All he’s accomplished is to show the city that he is a racist, as well as showing his group by affiliation is also racist. White man simply raises his hand, and it’s instantly known the man is a nazi??? Would be interesting to see a NAAWP organization start up. Think that would raise a ruckus?

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  11. My comment about maybe the parents needing to show up at the next meeting with their firearms doesn’t sound so crazy now, does it?


      1. This is exactly why I don’t just blindly “Back the Blue.” Police have proven time and time again that they will “just follow orders” even if those orders are illegal and unconstitutional.

        And I was not advocating for shooting anyone, but was merely pointing out that this man might not have been arrested if even half of the people in that meeting were armed. Hell, the school board might not have been so quick to declare a “riot” (ROFL) and remove all the protesters if even half of them had been armed.

        Government officials (LEOs, school boards, county and city boards, etc.) are supposed to be afraid of us. Obviously they are not.

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  12. It’s our own fault, then, that we have let them dictate to US how laws are to be interpreted. “Shall not be infringed” doesn’t include the words “except at schools.”

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