Don’t be bullied folks!

By: Diane Benjamin

Government only thinks they can set rules for citizens at public comment. They can limit your time, but not what you say. Chris Koos tries it, Mboka Mwilambwe just started reading a statement to limit you, Unit 5 did last week, and so did District 87 two weeks ago.

Be inspired – watch this guy rip a school board chair to shreds when his comments got deleted from a video. Note, he has his own video tape in case parts “disappear”.

20 thoughts on “Don’t be bullied folks!

    1. Mboka seemed the lesser of the evils, the best cookie in the bottom of the bag of broken cookies one could say. I was hoping I wouldn’t have to regret him so soon. It’s very true that you can not be civil with the left anymore, if you are they just plow right over you.

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  1. Bloomington’s public comment ordinance provides for a total of 30 minutes with an option to extend. (3 minutes/person) Speakers only have to provide their name and can comment on any topic, not just agenda items. Tari Renner also gave an overview of the Public Comment policy and advertised his “open house” on Fridays prior to the meeting. Mboka’s statement includes a reminder for civility.


      1. Understood & agree…just clarifying the difference between Bloomington and Normal Public Comment policy. Mboka’s campaign centered on civility and his introductory comments are a direct result of Jenn Carrillo.

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  2. Simon’s thoughts and public comment were spot-on!

    We ALL need to become like Simon and speak-up against what is going on with these

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  3. Reece and her legal flunky said on camera that censorship of public comment was legal. The AG overruled them 3 times already. Normal has a censorship problem, I just don’t know it the title “Benito” belongs to Pam, Koos, or Day.

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  4. Normal has restrictive public comments at meetings. They have told trustees not to interact with their constituents without the blessing of town staff.

    When residents can’t talk at public meetings or to those we elect, then who exactly are we supposed to talk to?

    Apparently government knows best and we should return to taxation without representation. It is a shame this is happening outside of B/N too.

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  5. Again, not to be a smart arse, but everybody does realize no matter who is running the show, the decisions are already made behind closed doors before the gavel is pounded in any public meeting. The illusion that any official cares what a citizen thinks is just that, an illusion. Doesn’t mean you don’t keep trying to influence but 19 times out of 20 you lose, at least in BN and Illinois. In Normal, Nord is left out of the loop even more than he realizes. These people don’t give two shits about violating the Open Meetings Act ( as long as they are not caught), email and discuss city business all the time, go to lunch and discuss city business and any other opportunity they can find to be at a clandestine time and location. The public meetings are just theatre to give the public the impression they are playing by the rules because in reality, they never do. Like someone else said, most serve for personal ego, the extra pocket money and bettering themselves and their friends. It’s all a big joke

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    1. I unfortunately must agree with you, all plans and decisions are made at their little “parties”, and, well, YOU aren’t invited. Just want to add one more thing, I know for a fact that some people are genuinely afraid to even appear and speak up for fear of retaliations in some form or another and while that is truly a frightening thing, it is the reality that we now live under both in Bloomington and Normal. Anyone who has ever had any dealings with them in any way and is NOT of their ilk usually wants to just lay low and hope they leave you alone. Remember what Schumer said about six ways from Sunday, that’s not just at the federal/national level, it’s even at town/city and county level.

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  6. Why the vitriolic and just plain nasty name calling? What is the point of calling someone “Mussolini”? If you can’t make a point without calling names and using uncivil language, then you have lost the whatever facts you’re trying to make. This guy also seem to have an entire cheering section for some reason that he invited. Again, if you can’t talk with reason and without ad hominem attacks you’ve effectively lost the argument, The loudest voice in the room screaming the at the top of their voice certainly isn’t very effective. Is that why this guy isn’t on the School board anymore?


    1. Does that same criteria you ascribe to apply to all of the people who endlessly call/ed Trump Hitler or “literally Hitler”? Does that same criteria apply to the feral little brats who scream in the streets, harass people as they try to eat dinner and burn down buildings and throw Molotov cocktails at cars and bottles of frozen water and bricks at cops? Just wondering…Face it the left doesn’t like anyone standing up to them in any way, as soon as anyone becomes firm or in the least bit raises their voice or their “tone” the left starts screaming how that person is out of order and “unhinged”. If you ARE someone who considers yourself a right leaning person or a “conservative” go stand with the Mitts and the JEBS! and the Karl Roves because by being all meek and mild all of the time in the presence of the left you’re actually part of the problem.

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  7. In some cases it’s not just the board or elected officials. The next story you write is about a man potentially losing his livelihood and that is where the real fear comes in. It’s not just about being bullied, it’s about trying to keep your home and your children safe. Even if the elected official don’t come after you their cronies will and it’s scary. Nothing is off limits, not your job, not your children, not your safety. They will find ways to get to you or worse your family. This is not a game, it’s a war and our troops need to start getting in order.

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