Normal’s fiction

By: Diane Benjamin

More on the “Attack” Stan meeting last week.

Attorney Brian Day spoke about 3 items-video below:


Day didn’t talk about Pam Reece’s procurement ethics, just Stan Nord’s. Day complained about Nord talking to local vendors AFTER the Town had already picked their favorite. Day left out the AFTER. The Town didn’t disclose to the Council or citizens the two local vendors were not charging a commission, but the Town pick was. The two local vendors were also cheaper. I had to FOIA the bids from the two local vendors since they weren’t included in the packet:

Facts go to Reece’s ethics Mr. Day, not Nord’s!


One Normal Plaza: Day failed to mention Stan Nord’s discussions with citizens of One Normal Plaza not only weren’t his idea (citizens contacted him) but Planning Commission member Mike Matejka lives in the neighborhood and attended meetings based on where he lives. If anybody shouldn’t have been at a meeting for an issue coming to the Planning Commission it was Matejka! Stan was elected to represent citizens, Mr. Day how about questioning Pam Reece’s ethics for trying to get zoning changed to allow alcohol in One Normal Plaza against the wishes of a large number of area residents? The Town brought this action, did good buddy Julie Hile request it?


Citizens Summit – total fiction that Council agreed to limit the number of people involved. Chris Koos told the Pantagraph only invited citizens would be listened to, an obvious Open Meetings Act violation since Koos doesn’t get to pick who can attend a meeting: (over Day’s head?)

The day following the summit the Council held a meeting that was not video taped. Media did record the audio. This snippet proves Stan Nord did not go rogue has Day claimed. Lyle Sumek stated in emails and on the tape all opinions are important and the meeting was not restricted to invited guests.

If you want to hear what the Council and Pam Reece really think of you, listen below. Reece is around 29:00, she’s disappointed people showed up that don’t support the Uptown agenda. Koos is around 15:00 calling it a messy event, in other words the Town didn’t control the message. Kevin McCarthy follows implying Stan didn’t follow the rules. Don’t miss the very end, Kathleen Lorenz is tired of Stan going rogue – as in doing what he was elected to do Kathleen?

Brian Day speaks around 15:00 in the video below. His comments are complete fiction, but he claims Koos and Reece aren’t behind them. Sure.

3 thoughts on “Normal’s fiction

  1. I attended that meeting. I was pushed aside, and placed with an orphan table, along with the fire chief. We were given prepared questions with limited ability to give independent answers. I asked Pam Reece what the moderator was paid, and she said she did not know? It was a sad affair, looking for the answers Koos wanted. Paid for by the citizens.

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  2. One only need to converse with Lorena for about 30 seconds to come to the realization she’s dumber then a coprolite!


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