Normal’s fiction

By: Diane Benjamin More on the “Attack” Stan meeting last week. Attorney Brian Day spoke about 3 items-video below: 1) Day didn’t talk about Pam Reece’s procurement ethics, just Stan Nord’s. Day complained about Nord talking to local vendors AFTER the Town had already picked their favorite. Day left out the AFTER. The Town didn’t […]

Normal: Part 4 for 5/4/2020

By:  Diane Benjamin Part 1: Part 2: Part 3: Payments that aren’t supposed to be discussed (per Chris Koos) start on PDF page 9: This is the second meeting in a row where the Town has refunded money.  At the last meeting over $12,000 was refunded including what appears to be […]

Update to NEXT Week’s meetings

By:  Diane Benjamin The December 2nd joint meeting of the Bloomington and Normal Councils to print money for a sports complex has been cancelled.  Evidently they found out that is illegal. Actually Bloomington has little interest in funding a $43 million project guaranteed to lose money and Normal can’t do it alone.  Why a meeting […]

Dismal survey Tari

By:  Diane Benjamin Mayor Tari Renner is telling everybody that 58% of residents rate Bloomington:  Good.  They did a survey. Tari missed that 42% DON’T think it’s Good. Look at the actual numbers: Only 601 people participated. Only 349 people rated the City as Good Tari could have gotten that many students at IWU to […]