Normal: Part 4 for 5/4/2020

By:  Diane Benjamin

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Payments that aren’t supposed to be discussed (per Chris Koos) start on PDF page 9:

This is the second meeting in a row where the Town has refunded money.  At the last meeting over $12,000 was refunded including what appears to be $10,000 in canceled reclaim fees after car towing.  The Council was never asked to do this.

Refunds tonight:

refund 1refund 2refund 3refund 4refund 5

refund 6refund 7refund 8refund 9

Remember the Citizens Summit?  The Town claimed the budget was already done, so nothing presented could be used for this year.  If the document created by Lyle Sumek is ignored next year, Normal threw away your money:

sumek another check

See Sumek’s report here:  Citizen-Summit-Report-2019-2020

The Children’s Discovery Museum, theater, library, and Parks and Rec programs are all shut down.  The theater is attempting to get people to pay to watch movies they can cheaper on Netflix or other streaming sites.  That is not keeping the Town from advertising, this is BEFORE the golf courses re-opened:

ads 1ads 2ads 3ads 4ads 5ads 6

ads 8ads 9ads7


Why is Normal renting stages for Uptown activities that aren’t allowed to take place?


Other agenda items:

This must mean eventually it will be business as usual:

open yet


bridge resurf


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