Federal Judge rules for Pritzker

By:  Diane Benjamin

The Chicago Sun Times reported yesterday Judge John Lee of the U.S. District Court denied The Beloved Church of Lena’s motion for a temporary restraining order that would’ve allowed them to host services with 80 people.

See the story:  https://chicago.suntimes.com/stay-at-home-order-constitutional-us-district-court-john-lee-beloved-church-lena-illinois

Lena, Il is in Stephenson County where only 63 cases of COVID have been found and there have been zero deaths.


lee excerpt

Evidently this Federal judge thinks Pritzker can violate Illinois law and Constitutional rights indefinitely.

Guess who appointed Judge Lee?

If you can’t already tell, see this link:  https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Z._Lee?fbclid=IwAR1vfFCuStvCLbqXoyGXU4MSEerTAr_ccrgUIXRkfj6Rv9E7V9c0lJo8UPA

This ruling will be overturned.



7 thoughts on “Federal Judge rules for Pritzker

  1. Jacobson was about mandatory vaccinations, so only Vaguely relevant. One could reasonably cite it in supporting the law that underpinned JB’s initial finding of a pandemic emergency, but his latest edicts aren’t supported by the law… There have also been a Slew of cases in the past couple of months citing it, and this was the only one I know of that used it to find in Favor of the government!
    Prince had a minor aspect about children and exposing them to disease. A simple workaround would be for the adults to gather. A less convincing (from a legal point of view) argument could be made that other than newborns, the Wuhan virus has been found to be largely impact-free among children. If the original filing was based purely on religious freedoms, I could see this being upheld. (Not saying I Like it, just what a judge is likely to say…) Have adults-only services, present Compelling arguments that the pandemic poses no threat in their specific circumstances, refile based on JB’s overreach of authority, probably some other options I’m not thinking of because I’m not an actual lawyer…

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  2. It was overturned by the congregation. They ignored it and had their service with 100 plus members. (The ruling was made prior to services). JB was asked about this on Sunday in the sense of what is he going to do about this. He side stepped the question by saying he hoped that the clergy would recognize the importance of his EO but never said anything he was going to do as punishment. HE HAS NOTHING. Just like the president who appointed her when he said something about drawing a red line in the sand.

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  3. I’m befuddled on TRYING to figure out IF Pritzker is as dumb as he is BIG? I notice he has given up wearing sweat pants on his daily babbles, and has even worn a tie, but STILL NO MASK, and he SURE needs one! Muzzle might be more proper..
    The PEOPLE of IL are already getting tired of his edict and seeing thru his BS, and as the summer gets toward Memorial day, I’m thinking it will be ANARCHY!

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  4. Is anyone surprised that a judge in ILLINOIS ruled for the pritzger? My guess, next week the judge will be on the Ill river with a brand new yacht full of people!

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