McCarthy dodges just in time

By:  Diane Benjamin

Normal Trustee Kevin McCarthy is President of:

path perf

pres mc  This information is from the Illinois Secretary of State’s website

Kevin had a local triathlon scheduled for June 6, it was finally rescheduled to September within the last day or two.  Kevin must have hoped he had special powers to change reality by waiting so long to reschedule.

See the website:

Maybe Kevin missed Gov Pritzker saying in early April all summer events need to be cancelled.  Did he think the “suggestion” only applied to everyone else?

Will we still be “social distancing” in September?  Maybe participants won’t be allowed to pass other competitors unless 6 feet of space is available.

Click on the sponsors page, lots of them are listed including these two:

koos bus

Those are Chris Koos’s businesses.  I wonder how many discussions took place between McCarthy and Koos trying to go ahead in June anyway.  Obviously we live under two sets of rules:  Their rules and Our rules.

McCarthy finally came to his senses and delayed packing people together.  If he hadn’t this story would be MUCH different today.

Now we know Kevin has a little common sense.  Too bad it was missing at the Council meetings last night.  Stay tuned.

Since this is a huge event and likely a money-maker for McCarthy, does he now understand how all the “serfs” feel who are losing their businesses or not working?









6 thoughts on “McCarthy dodges just in time

  1. “All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others”……Napoleon, Animal Farm. The central banking ponzi, court systems and media have proven this time and again, especially the last couple decades. The current event has taken it to new levels.

  2. So in this case you are FOR following the ban

    Your position seems to be flexible.

    Can’t have it both ways

  3. I don’t think this is a Kevin McCarthy event. He’s no doubt part of it, but the event is owned by the Tri Shark triathlon club. These are McCarthy’s people, to be sure, but it’s not a money maker for him or his business. He’s in the business of ripping people off by offering them training plans to be able to compete at an event like this. So, it’s an opportunity for him to get his name out there and try to convince people that they need him and the services of his business. Serious triathletes are laughing at his business for the racket it is.

    1. His business Can be helpful to less-than-serious triathletes. Guess it’s kinda like a gym membership – sort of scammy, but it can still be worthwhile if you make good use of it.

      Disclaimers: I dislike Kevin’s politics and have purposely Not done the Tri-Shark knowing he’s running it. I had been to one of his informational sessions before knowing him; mostly do solo training; have done related programs elsewhere. My race goals are measured vs Last place, not first. 🙂

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