Update to NEXT Week’s meetings

By:  Diane Benjamin

The December 2nd joint meeting of the Bloomington and Normal Councils to print money for a sports complex has been cancelled.  Evidently they found out that is illegal.

Actually Bloomington has little interest in funding a $43 million project guaranteed to lose money and Normal can’t do it alone.  Why a meeting was even scheduled is a mystery.  Nothing has changed, no huge private investors have surfaced, it would have been a waste of time.

Citizens of Normal:

The above frees up time to attend this meeting!

It’s important – look them in the eyes!

The Council will be there is listen, not lead the discussion.

priorities meeting

More details:  https://blnnews.com/2019/11/25/two-meetings-you-need-to-know-about/

9 thoughts on “Update to NEXT Week’s meetings

      1. You’re good. Happy Thanksgiving and thanks for all you do.

        Doing something illegal has never stopped Normal from doing it. From what I’ve seen, the burden of proof for legality with Normal is on the citizens and we all know how that’s working out. I thought it was a sick joke to have Mike Madigan’s daughter for the AG, but it appears we can do far worse.

  1. The procedure at the AG’s office is to stonewall allegations of corruption, to squash whistle blowers, and to protect elected officials from prosecution. This is the direct opposite of what this Office is supposed to be doing. Worse yet, where is the US Attorney for the Southern District of Illinois ? Perhaps we have too many attorneys in the political realm.

  2. Remember the Bloomington Citizen Summit from 6+ years ago? The results were ignored. I doubt this summit will be any different.

      1. Beat me to it, Diane. The true Citizen Summit is election day! Koos’ rubber stampers had better weigh their political options. Continue to back Koos unconditionally and lose next election cycle or stand up for the working man/woman. This is a great venue for some Town Council members to break ranks and take a stand for taxpayers.

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