Trolls Live Scores, attendance dismal

By:  Diane Benjamin

Unlike the BCPA who think event reports aren’t important, VenuWorks posts theirs.  This proves the difference between a company that can be fired and City employees who know nobody cares if they do their job.  The BCPA hasn’t posted any event reports since the last time I FOID’d them.  Thanks for the non-existent transparency City of Bloomington!

The Trolls Live show had three performances.  The seats must have looked mostly empty, but it did make money:


10 thoughts on “Trolls Live Scores, attendance dismal

  1. Tired of supporting the entertainment of a few. They can get Netflix or YouTube and spare the rest of us wasting money on events we will never go to.

      1. Yes that took care of it. Someday I’ll figure these things out………………………………maybe.

  2. At least with the amusement tax ‘expense,’ that goes back to the city. I’m not sure if the levels of bureaucracy it generates makes it worth it, but they do levy the city’s tax. It would be very interesting to see what savings could be generated running these shows.

    Interesting note in the city’s explanation of this: “Note: The City retains the right to audit the books of any business subject to this tax as outlined in the municipal code.”

  3. 1. Wonder if these were “comp tickets,” by invitation only:

    “There were two performances on Saturday, November 16th and then the following day, the tour’s national TV spot was filmed at the arena which included local families.”

    2. Wonder how many cast & crew were associated with this tour and how much economic activity was produced by them:

    “Trolls Live cast and crew arrived in Bloomington on Monday, October 28th for three weeks of tech and cast rehearsals. These cast and crew members stayed, ate and shopped in Bloomington during these three weeks.”

      1. To make any kind of economic impact, there would have to be more cast & crew than the number of attendees. 🤪

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