FOIA Lawsuit filed

Remember when the Edgar County Watchdogs spoke to the Council concerning a police officer who suddenly “quit”?  He is now working for the County.  Since his departure facts were buried, I wonder what he told them?

We know there is more to the story.  Numerous emails were redacted – too many to comply with the Freedom of Information Act law.

Yesterday a lawsuit was filed against the City of Bloomington.  You can see it here – before Bloomington even sees it:   FOIA Lawsuit

Since the Watchdogs have a law firm representing them, the taxpayers of Bloomington will be responsible for attorney’s fees when they prevail.

If Bloomington wants to avoid more fees for their lack of transparency, they could un-redact the emails they gave me by FOIA.  If they don’t it will prove they want sued again.


Page 1 of the lawsuit:

1. Complaint

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