Blessed Thanksgiving

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10 thoughts on “Blessed Thanksgiving

  1. Will this be the last year we can celebrate in traditional blessing and gratitude? The Left is on the march. Imagine the Holiday with Bernie or Liz as “The Boss”, with Koos, Tari, and Antifa doing their bidding locally.


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    1. Uh, what are you talking abut? You went to the store and were unable to buy a turkey because of “SJW and communist”? Millions of people were unable to travel home because of “SJW and communist”. The police are going to break in and confiscate your Thanksgiving dinner? No. You comment along with other comments about some bogus war on Thanksgiving is just that, bogus. These are the same people who cried about a non-existent war on Christmas which was also spurious. No one in this country has ever been prevented from celebrating any holiday. No one.


  2. “Universities have banned Christian organizations, businesses have been sued for not breaking their faith, California is talking about reviewing sermons. It doesn’t happen overnight, liberty is lost a piece at time”

    Again, no one is preventing you from celebrating Christmas or Thanksgiving. If public universities ban Christian organizations, it’s because of the separation of church and state. What if since I’m Catholic I demand everyone say a full rosary and Memorare before class? Would you be O.K. with that? What if I forced you to say a Novena every day? Corporations have been sued? Mainly because they don’t want to give their employees access to birth control. What if you were working for a corporation that prevented you taking the medication you needed? That has nothing to do with faith but everything to do with forcing your beliefs on others. Churches run on their non profit tax free status with the IRS, and force their very political ideology down congregation throats. Why I’m I paying for some church’s political ideology with my taxes?

    That still doesn’t mean that you’re being prevented from celebrating either Christmas or Thanksgiving.


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