Normal for Monday night

By:  Diane Benjamin

PDF page 15:

$610 for this?  The financial statements were released before they received the 2019 certificate, so they re-used the one from 2018:


cafr award

Bloomington paid her $3000 too:

canadcy 2


Four Seasons

Redistributing your money:

Normal 12-2

Not much exciting on the agenda, maybe a few tears about property taxes not going up.  I’m sure Stan and Karyn will make it exciting however.


18 thoughts on “Normal for Monday night

  1. Two things come to mind here regarding the “award”:

    A: If you PAY for an “award”, is it really an award?

    B: Why is there an award for doing your freaking job?

      1. …and in case I read this wrong, why is your ‘government’ PAYING to sponsor anything a business does?

  2. FUNNY S***! And THESE are the kind of folks raising 8 kinds of Heck about “Quid Pro Quo”.
    And IF you pay for an award, WHAT’S the difference between that and a BRIBE??
    Just asking in case a “uptown” cop ever stops me and I decide to offer him an award..

  3. I am giving myself an award today and I am transferring money from one bank account to another to pay for it. The only difference between me and the Town of Normal is that I didn’t steal my money from the taxpayers.

  4. The Four Seasons payment is so that town of Normal employees can be members of Four Seasons. It’s their annual dues. There are different levels of sponsorship, however and I’m sure the Town of Normal is going with the least expensive one.

    1. You mean “town (sic) of Normal employees” can’t pay for their own INDIVIDUAL memberships to Four Seasons? The taxpayers take it on the chin…..again.

      1. Strangely enough $2400 is equal to the exact cost of 4 one year personal memberships….you don’t think that maybe just 4 are getting this? I also agree, with the overpaid salaries of these fools they can get their own just like most of the taxpayers have to do.

  5. Yeah, I thought $23,900 for EMPLOYEE gift cards was rather crazy also, but MAYBE they are flying them to Vegas or Dubai and giving them a “Gold to Go” card for Christmas. IN CASE you haven’t seen it yet, just go to YOU TUBE and look up GOLD TO GO!! Some folks have priorities that are “out of whack” like uptown…

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