Bloomington’s Monday Payments

By:  Diane Benjamin

A few of them that stood out:

Bloomington taxpayers:  If you had voted to abolish the Bloomington Election Commission you wouldn’t be paying this now:

bec 10-19

Community Relations?  Is the tweet from the same Candacy Taylor?

cadacy 1candacy 2

Payment #3 for improvements to the Coliseum.  How many in total?

coliseum 3

How many more years does Green Top get their money back?  PDF pages 81-82

Property tax 5 years, sales tax rebates decline each year until year 10.  Expires when $390,000 is rebated or December 31, 2027 – whichever is first.

gt tax rebate

More Sick Leave Buy Back to spike their already ridiculous unaffordable pensions:

slbb three

5 thoughts on “Bloomington’s Monday Payments

  1. ncr museum in Memphis-Community Relations-$3,000-who approved that ? and when?
    What was it for ? Are governments across our Nation as bad as our local three ring (Bloomington/Normal/McLean County) circus ?
    The people of the U.S. must shed their apathy.

  2. On CVB website said Taylor a was keynote speaker for Route 66 Miles of Possibility Conference in Normal in October. City evidently sponsored or co-sponsored her appearance at the event. She is a writer that basically writes about black culture. Good buddy of Harry Gates, Jr. of Obama beer summit fame. She has written books on Route 66 on places to stay along the route and one on how it spread black culture throughout the U.S.

  3. Just think, if the City closed down and boarded up the Arena, taxpayers would lose less money than if it stays open. This bill is another reminder that the true cost of building something never seems to include the cost of ongoing maintenance when it’s pitched by politicians. The arena is a lemon. Shut it down.

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