This one is for Tari – EC Watchdogs score justice again!

By:  Diane Benjamin

Since Tari Renner thinks “bloggers” lie and their findings should therefore be ignored, this story is for him.  The rest of you sick of elected/appointed officials who scam the system will enjoy it too.

The criminal conduct found by the Edgar County Watchdogs was reported by a local CBS affiliate.  Both John Kraft and Kirk Allen are on the video.  I hear more misconduct will be reported soon.

CBS2: Joliet Township Workers Said They Were Made To Work On Supervisor’s Property

CBS2 Investigator Megan Hickey exposes Joliet Township problems.

Three Joliet Township workers said they were forced to do landscaping work on the township supervisor’s home. He didn’t answer questions about making the public employees work on his private property. CBS 2 Investigator Megan Hickey has the story.”

View it on CBS2-Chicago’s webpage (here).

ECWd has spent the past several weeks investigating tips we have received on Joliet Township.

Are they Lying Tari?







5 thoughts on “This one is for Tari – EC Watchdogs score justice again!

  1. Tari is down to his last line of defense by calling people liars without any proof of such. That is all the bumbling fool has. The WBBM report was a great, reminder to me of the day when local TV did real news and not junk stories as they do now. The closest they come now is doing a story about a single person’s woes, while stories in government which many are being screwed goes ignored. Do you hear me WMBD, WEEK, WHOI, WGLT, WJBC et al? You all are a disgrace to the word journalism.

  2. This is precisely why independent investigators, bloggers, etc. are so valuable.

    Unfortunately, The mayors in our communities do not believe town/city employees/elected officials are fallible.

  3. YES! These people-KOOS AND RENNER make the news, it’s what Trump calls “FAKE NEWS” as they lie, fib, fabricate, distort and make up whatever story fits their current need, with NO INKLING whatsoever as to the truth, facts or reality. They truly live in their own world, whatever that may be..
    And the voters be DAMNED!

  4. Desperate people do and say desperate things. Tari has met his match with ECW and BLN ! Honesty will prevail !

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