State Farm: Armed Guards

Another employee told me tonight the guards will be visible Monday.


By:  Diane Benjamin

I’m hearing reports that State Farm will have armed guards at all doors starting today.  Tomorrow a wave of displaced workers starts exiting the company.

(Anybody else find it ironic our kids don’t get the same security at school?) 

There is life after State Farm, there isn’t if any employees decides to get violent.  Please stay close to friends and family affected.

I’m hearing State Farm is firing people with knowledge and experience to bring in less skilled or inexperienced workers.  Yes, it cuts costs.  It also cuts the product viability these people will produce.

This is only the beginning.

Bloomington Alderman David Sage is one of the people no longer at State Farm.  From his Facebook page:







41 thoughts on “State Farm: Armed Guards

  1. This is another lesson that companies have no loyalty to employees. Don’t give your life to a company.

  2. Why do they need “armed” guards? Are they going to shoot somebody? Or is it SIMPLY that being armed is to serve as a deterrent for the would be bad guys? I’m Pro 2A, just making an observation.

  3. The Friday before a holiday weekend and during a school vacation week, what a great time to bury bad news. This has been a long time coming, folks! We all know that (except Tari, who is always surprised about what happens in his city). State Farm has had this wave of layoffs queued up for some time now. They just need to rip the band-aid off. Yes, it hurts, but it’s far worse to drag out the pain. On a community note, hopefully, this wakes up our so-called leaders to the fragile nature of our local economy. They need to stop posing for photos at rubber chicken dinners and start rolling up their sleeves. I and several other employers have offered to help out, counsel, and maybe even try to hire displaced workers. Both city halls, and the EDC and Chamber have done no preparation and no one is willing to talk about the “State Farm situation”. So sad. My heart goes out to all impacted.

    1. My guess is the timing of this had nothing to do with school break or a religious holiday. It’s the end of the month; that’s the timing method used.

  4. Just wondering if State Farm is a gun free zone. If so, they should be safe, right? No one should be bringing a gun on their property so why would an armed guard be employed?

  5. As someone who in the past dealt with thousands of laid off people, I know exactly what these people are going through right now. And what has our city and business leadership done to prepare? Nothing…. Backslapping rubber chicken dinners and ribbon cuttings on bird feeders for the most part is all we get. Now the rubber is meeting the road and the conversation about what we do as a community has yet to begin. Shame on the leadership here (city and business). They have let our entire community down!

  6. As someone who works at that site in security the facts in this story are not accurate at all. Just saying.

  7. Are these part of the 890 employees who were already given notice or are these additional employees who are leaving?

  8. i was told if they don’t take what is offered by the end of this month then it’s bye bye.

    Quite frankly after working there a few years the place needs a cleaning of dead wood employees. I am not surprised and long over due. I’m sure those being replaced are screaming that less experienced people are being brought in. Maybe true but I sort of doubt it.

    It sounds evil what SF is doing but this is no different than what other companies have done. No one seemed to care much about those people so why should SF employees be any different? I know it sounds harsh but that’s pretty much the truth.

    In this day and age I would say no one’s job is protected unless if you are the company owner.

    1. After Mitsubishi announced scaling back the community leaders were claiming they would be looking for diversification of employers. That was the birth of B/N Advantage. See how that’s working out!

  9. The old Signs on the way into town, used to read Agriculture, Business, Culture. SAD how NONE of them are left with the people who want QUALITY of life for us. This USED to be SUCH a nice town, AND PROSPEROUS! A person could make a go at a unique business, now it HAS to be the “right fit” That’s SUCH an overused and beat to death “yuppie” term that is SHOULD be out lawed! AND let Gene Hackman shoot them at high noon!!
    State Farm is just doing WHAT they do BEST remaining competitive!! Yes, it’s sad some folks lost their jobs, but I guess they weren’t that indispensable… Take note millenials!!
    Education pays, as does HARD work and dedication..

    1. Hard work is not the answer; smart work is. And research shows millenials are dedicated, but they move on to new jobs or new positions every 3.4 years.

    2. “Right fit” is a euphemism for approval by the ruling class. Beggers can’t be choosers, Tari. We’re kinda desperate here, perhaps we should be open to businesses of all shapes and sizes.

      1. No, to Tari, ““Right fit” is a euphemism” for owned by fellow Leftists or Left-wing financial interests. Don’t think for a moment that voter registrations and Federal Election Commission contribution records aren’t checked–regularly. Conservatives need not apply!

      2. Perhaps the Tari Renner’s and Chris Koos in the world should be thankful for what we (they) have, rather than taking it all for granted. Buffoons, skunks, and rats are more appreciative.

      3. As someone who has written and spoken about our economic vulnerabilities for years, I find this “right fit” requirement to be completely detached from the reality that we find ourselves in. Any company (existing or start-up) that can provide JOBS for your community is a fit. This elitist “right fit” euphemism (that has been translated into policy and direction) is exactly the opposite thing we need right now (or anytime for that matter). We are now seeing our main economic driver spin into what I would call a “free fall”. State Farm is losing business at a rapid rate, as it destroys its corporate culture and the trust of its finest workers. The bottom of this current free fall will be a different (and vastly smaller) State Farm and a community that has had its economy that has been hollowed out. Take a drive to Galesburg or Decatur. We are headed for a version of those communities as our liberal elites screen businesses for the “right fit”.

  10. Layoffs today in full swing. People leaving State Farm for the last time. So sad. I’m sure Tari is “unavailable” today with the holiday weekend and all. No coverage in the Pantagraph or WGLT. What a surprise! They’re waiting for State Farm’s lawyer-speak press release. I’m sure we still have “about” 15,000 State Farm employees in Bloomington, and that they will continue to have a “significant presence” in the community.

  11. Remember as all of this is going on today at State Farm, today has been declared Mark Peterson day in the city of Normal. We can all pay homage to Mark for his 20 years of faithful service of bilking the tax payer. Even the Illinois state legislature got in on the action.

    Give me a break. Twenty years is nothing. There’s people with more years of service to State Farm who are being carted out the door today with arm guards at their side and they’re not getting the golden parachute Peterson’s getting.

    1. Peterson’s not getting a “golden parachute;” he’s getting his pension. A golden parachute is a lump sum of money given to an employee as a final bonus. (Not here to defend Peterson; just to clarify a definition.)

      1. History will show that Peterson (as a result of his involvement and leadership) with the Uptown Boondoggle to be an example of what “not to do” in city management. So I think it is kind of comically ironic that he is having part of his creation given his name. A future and saner city government (after Normal defaults on it’s bet the farm Uptown project) will want to rename it is something like: “What were they thinking plaza”.

      2. At some point (after the default begins on the Uptown boondoggle) one would think that he (Peterson) would be booed and hissed at almost any public event he had the nerve to show up at… I think Normal’s love affair with him will turn pretty sour once the reality of what he did becomes apparent to everyone. The Uptown project is the Green Top times a million….94 million in debt to be exact.

  12. Just yesterday I was sitting at a stop light, east bound on Rt. 9 at Veteran’s Parkway. With time to look around, the terrible road condition really got my attention. Directly across the road was noted the obvious closed Macy’s as there were no cars (no bicycles) parked around it in the lot, no activity. Continuing through town many sections of the streets were absolutely deplorable. So as (the out of touch) economic development folks make attempts to attract others to move here, seriously now, what does B-N got to offer when the physical signs of deteriorating streets are everywhere? Driving around town is a major first impression. Why would someone want to move here? The quality of life bragging rights features poorly run amenities evidenced by failing infrastucture. Most everywhere you drive to, ya ’bout get the teeth rattled out-ta yer head.

    Besides that (although our mayors and congress will not admit) Illinois is perhaps #1 in people fleeing the state due to high taxes and fees, and these control freaks in government that piece by piece are destroying the peoples’ means to life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness. The socialist, communist, marxist, control culture is not conducive to freedom of which all human beings even as young children seek to play with their little friends away from the caring eyes of their parents.

    Many people who live in this state and I hear it here,,,daily, want to get out! What used to be a great place to live now really sucks. It’s quite unfortunate. When the people here want to leave, the “word of mouth” which is the best advertising in the world has been lost. So it is very true that until they learn how to appreciate and nuture what they’ve got, they will eventually have less.

    Unless of course, destruction is their ultimate (yet hidden) goal.

    1. The economic decline began a couple years ago here. The physical signs will continue to grow. This is just the beginning of what is to come. All as our leadership (city and business) whistles past the graveyard of what our community used to be while telling us to ignore our lying eyes. We will soon need dune buggies to drive to the few stores that will be left here.

  13. I was talking to a guy last night that told me that State Farm does not own all of their buildings but some are leased. I don’t want to start a rumor but am curious if their is any fact to that. If any major leases, that too would explain some things and also provide a window to the future.

  14. All SF buildings outside of Bloomington are leased which is why the only maintenance SF employees will be in Bloomington.

    1. I was told that Corp. South was leased which would explain alot about of the dismissals but I just don’t want to believe that one.

  15. Workers were sent an email about the armed security they will now be in place at State Farm. Every departmnet is going through this. These are people with families, small children and people that depend on their job for a living. Many many have been given excellent ratings and reviews. So many are over the age of 50 and can’t get retirement benefits . Many are just months away. In order to get a severance you must sign thAt you agree not to sue the company – I am assuming for age discrimination or
    Fmla ( as many have stated) it’s a terrible thing for everyone . The community and all affected!

  16. Maybe a protest of 16 people will get the local media to come out. Oh, wait…this doesn’t fit the agenda of Tari and his cronies. Nevermind.

    1. And it does not fit the “it can’t happen here” narrative even while “it is happening here”,so our media and our clueless elitist mayor (and his minions) will not recognize it as a real event that means anything. My thoughts and my heart goes out to the people who are being impacted by these events. Job loss is second only to the death of spouse in its effect on the lives of individuals. If you know anyone who has been affected… reach out to them and offer your support. And as all of this is happening, we have heard nothing from our business or city leadership? Nothing to see here, move along… everything is fine, right?

  17. I am an affected employee of State Farm. I am not in the Systems department and therefore the announcement of my role being cut by 50% across the Enterprise didn’t make the headlines. That being said, I have already reached out to several prospective employers and have received one tentative acceptance and MULTIPLE others who are very interested. I will not say my role or skill sets due to me being identified as a result of that specific information.
    That being said, my QTD is “between June 30th and August 31st”. Our plans and intentions are to leave the state of Illinois in the dust and head for the SEC. Good riddance Teri and others!

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