NINE things you need to know

By: Diane Benjamin

1) Bloomington met for 2 1/2 hours last night, Normal met for over 3. Take a break for other news, I sure need a break! I watch the meetings for those who can’t. Also, my inbox was in serious need of cleaning.

2) Remember Vision Zero? The goal is to have zero traffic deaths or serious injuries by 2030. Here the program was renamed Go Safe. Maybe it was renamed because Washington DC has abandoned Vision Zero because it has failed. It only took them 6 years to figure it out: The results will be the same here. Government must stop wasting money trying to control behavior. They won’t, it’s too much fun!

3) The Illinois Attorney General’s office is finally investigating Unit 5 for redacting almost every email I requested under FOIA. I asked the AG last week about the status since it was summited months ago and is rapidly becoming irrelevant. Maybe in 6 months to a year they will make a decision. The work for us!

4) Wirepoints did a story this month that reveals the pensions funding levels for STATE pensions: This graphic is included:

TRS – Teacher’s Retirement System SERS – State Employees Retirement System SURS – State University Retirement System JRS – Judges Retirement System GARS – General Assembly Retirement System Wonder why Dan Brady is considering leaving the General Assembly? He needs to start collecting his pension soon or it won’t exist. Since all funds are under 50% they will all go bankrupt while the State does nothing to fix the system.

5) Streets by State Farm used to be immaculate since they pay the most taxes, not so much anymore: (Crabill’s Ward)

6) Where is the electricity going to come from to charge EV’s? Read this: Is the real goal to make sure you can’t travel?

7) I had to buy a license plate sticker last Saturday. I always get them at my bank. Isn’t it hilarious that an ID is required to hand the State $151 for sticky plastic but not to vote?

8) If you want to join other parents across the state opposed to masks in schools and teaching CRT, join this group: 

9) Wearing masks isn’t being enforced at the state fair.  School districts can’t lose money for not obeying Pritzker.  Policy change need to happen now.

7 thoughts on “NINE things you need to know

  1. This needs to be shared far and wide. More schools need to do this. The problem is the $$$$$. Damn Governor is threatening what so many school districts rely on to keep their doors open. I hope many districts follow in the path of this district. It sounds like they have put a ton of work into it.

      1. True, but this is a quote from the Morton Superintendent: Anyone know if this is true?

        “Violating the mandate is going to put the district at risk,” Hill said. “The risk of not being recognized, having a status as a school system not recognized which means your diploma is worth not what it would be.”

  2. Good list – as for number 6, yes, it is the eventual goal, they want the peasants as immobile as possible one way or another. If they had their way the peasants would all be walking or riding their bikes. The EVs would be for the more important top peasants, the ones who are in the click. I don’t think tjhis dream of their is ever going to actually come true, but they are going to do their best one way or another to keep everyone from traveling a lot – travel opens eyes and opens hearts as well, it also makes it harder for them to lie to people who have actually been to the places they lie about.

  3. On #6
    Anyone can see the bad long term affect of mandating electric cars. Except progressives. They can only see the short term affect to their boosted virtue.

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