Koos: You are out of order!

By: Diane Benjamin

Proving yet again facts can’t be discussed if Koos doesn’t like them, watch the discussion about this item:

Koos interpreted Stan over and over, it has to be a secret that Normal is proving they refuse to work with Bloomington.

Koos tried to kill Stan Nord’s comments about Normal installing fire hydrants 20 feet away from Bloomington’s. McCarthy played the Koos puppet, then Koos cut Stan off. See 36:00. Stan schools Koos in Robert’s Rules of Order. A point of Order doesn’t mean the speaker loses time to speak. Loss Koos!

Chemberly Cummings then tries to cut Stan off, point of order, point of order, point of order. No discussions are allowed showing Normal will force citizens to pay for their agenda. Normal is charging it’s citizens to run water lines right on top of Bloomington’s. You get what you vote for Normal.

You will see yellow and red fire hydrants 20 feet apart down West College.

Kathleen Lorenz deserves a trophy for comedy comment of the night:

FYI Kathleen:

Just hit play to hear the entire point of order festivities:

6 thoughts on “Koos: You are out of order!

  1. No person serving on the Normal Town Council is fit to hold any higher elected office, ever.

    For real , these arrogant clownz are simply in it for the friends and family money.

    Shameful , hardly better than the Taliban.

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  2. You ain’t seen nothin’ yet. Wait until the ball starts rolling to get the Samsung battery factory here. In South Korea, Samsung is legendary for their involvement in government bribes and pay to play schemes. Their leader has just “apologized” for years of corruption that went on in South Korea and elsewhere. When I saw Durbin promoting the deal you just know he, Pritzker, Koos and Clark Kent already know about their history but are fine with it and are also willing to do anything they can to make sure the facility winds up in Normal. Bezos just announced a partnership with Gates and Bloomberg to pretty rape Greenland of its cobalt and other minerals to develop and manufacture electric car batteries after contributing millions to “save the planet”. Placement of a water line or two is the least of the planned corruption in Normal. Stay tuned.

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  3. Kathy’s stupidity is no laughing matter. She’s like Biden. At first it’s not so much funny as it is pathetic. But, people have stopped laughing at Joe this week as the crisis in leadership has run full circle. Same could be said of Normal, especially Lorenz. She’s a dumb as a box of rocks, emotional unstable and completely unable to put her hatred aside for Stan Nord.

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