Coliseum Mike parties at your expense

By: Diane Benjamin

Chris Koos didn’t ask for nominations from the public before naming his good buddy Mike Matejka Normal’s citizen of the year. If that had been done he would have had to open up the party to everyone, instead it was by invitation only.

In the many accolades to support why Matejka was chosen, Koos left one out:

Mike voted to build the Coliseum against the wishes of the citizens of Bloomington.

After Matejka got voted off the Council he moved from Bloomington to Normal.

How much were citizens forced to pay for Koos self-thrown party?

ISU – $3,546.15

308 invitations, envelopes, return cards – $571.31

Citizen of the Year plaque – $202.20

ISU again – $671.75


See the invited guests, receipts, etc here. Did the staff get paid extra to attend?

9 thoughts on “Coliseum Mike parties at your expense

  1. Isn’t the Mayor of Bloomington suppose to be a resident of Bloomington? By it’s very name NORMAL CITIZEN OF THE YEAR, doesn’t that imply that the Citizen of the Year be a resident of Normal? I am very confused, shouldn’t the words really make sense? Must be legal talk being used where the definitions can have multiply definitions. Words do make sense and the defined definition of a word should be used!


  2. Matekja is a true believer in socialism and communism. He is the spawn of St. Louis labor radicals that bathed him in the the mantra of “workers of the world unite “. He has written articles for the Socialist Library in Chicago and are there for anyone willing to research. His entire time at ISU was spent huddling up to radicals in the History Department another “achievement” he is quite proud of. What did Mike do to merit this honor for the year? Serve on another board? Putting his fist in the air in support of BLM Marxists? Organizing more anti-American protests? Assisting in the waste of taxpayer money. BN will never change. Garbage in and garbage out. All praise to the local Elitist Clique.


  3. I read the guest list and looks like a good place for me to practice social distancing. This is nothing more than a elect Chris Koos appreciation dinner. Should have been funded out of Koos’ campaign stash. Or, maybe Responsible Cities could have funded it. I’m headed to the pot to vomit.

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  4. I SURE there are citizens who have done MORE for uptown then Mike! To name him citizen of the years just reenforces the concept that uptown don’t have much to offer..

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